Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring is in the air...

Aaah, there is no more hesitation, no more doubt. With birds chirping and tweeting as if under the influence of something highly illegal, the sun pouring its rays in every visible way and the crocuses finally standing straight with new-found confidence... SPRING is here!

This caused for celebration today. Some may have brought out the bubbly to chin-chin the occasion, some may even have given up a primal cry before they could stop themselves. Me? I came home with a new friend, an irresistibly antiqued iron bird cage. Obviously with my name on it and obviously as vital in my life at the moment as water and oxygen. In a manner of speaking.

For those out there with limited understanding of one's need for multiple bird cages, for example a certain man of the house should he happen to read this, all I can say is: tweet-towoo. And four is not a large number, not when you think about it...?

Our little town is not exactly a metropolis of sorts, but it boasts a pretty pedestrian high street with a cosy string of small shops, all a comfortable distance from the noisy main road. Among the little treasures is Granny's Attic, a second-hand shop run by lovely Sharon and where you can be sure to find many little must-haves. One day not long ago, this little silver "dome" glanced at me in that sort of King Charles Spaniel way that only the steel-hearted can resist.

I am only human.


  1. Hejsan Du rara! Tack för ditt fina mail jösses vad glad jag blev!! Du gjorde min dag! Din blogg är ju super fin! Välkommen hit till den underbara blogg världen! KRAM Petra

  2. Beautiful silver ´cloche´! I would like to find one day a similar one.


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