Monday, 12 April 2010

Lunch On The Lawn...

Or I could just call it, like many times before, an inspired moment...

One of my great sources of blog inspiration is Lotten,, and not that I see how her creative soul could ever need external fuel, this time my inspiration actually came from one of her inspiration images, showed recently on her blog.

A chandelier in the garden? Oh yes! The one my father made me many years ago and for which I have struggled to find a place in the house here - perfect. A strip of linen fabric sewn swiftly into a tube, a branch of the neighbours' walnut tree, et voilà, our own special lunch spot.

Well, that was the idea. However, today the man in the house was busy clearing out the pond and covered in yucky mud. The children, having happily helped their father, offered a vision of muck, newts and frogspawn. The latter ingredients - not so welcome in my little corner of paradise. But one day soon, there will be lunch on the lawn, regal style. Well, with a regally scruffy fence and garden furniture in need of a royal treatment...


  1. Vad vackert du har gjort! Helt underbart!
    Maten måste smaka extra gott när man sitter där och äter! ;)
    Ha en bra dag!
    Kram från Jonna ♥

  2. Åh, så underbart! Jag förstår precis hur du menar - såg också Lottens vackra bild! Hon är för övrigt en fantastisk inspirationskälla!

    Så vackert och skönt det ser ut! Tror nu att jag tar med min smideskrona ner till!


  3. Jasså, pappan din är duktig att skapa också. Vad kul. Det var ju en jättefin, hmm, namnet på svenska... ljus... eh, ja du vet vad jag menar.
    Ser så mysigt ut, och jag gillar när man gör fint och inbjudande ut utomhus.

  4. Your backyard is breathtaking!! I love your blog!

    Annie (NJ)


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