Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fancy feet and pink partners...

For some time I have had some ideas about what to do with my apple boxes, and today I was determined to bring to life what has been bubbling away in my head.

But as was on my way out, the skies opened and a familiar wet drizzle fell on my nose. Time therefore to play indoors...

In interior decorating, luckily the same rules do not apply as in real life. No raised eyebrows when young marries old, and I dare anyone to snigger behind the back of an ageing inanimate beauty accessorising in pink (not to try to look younger, but simply because it suits her).

Second-hand shop bargains marrying newer mates, scruffy oldies and 'scruffified' youngsters. All with 'cherry on top'. (For those concerned that our neighbour's cherry tree now shivers naked and dismantled, worry not, my humble theft has left no scars.)

The pink against the grey, the delicate flower against the rough wood and tough metal - a beautiful partnership, I think.

And feet, look at these glorious feet, curvy and sensual in all the right places!

However, when I look at the pictures now, I see something I didn't see before: The whole thing looks like a corner of a flower shop, especially with the apple crates acting shelves and with flowers and baskets and ... well, just about everything you would find in a modern flower shop!

I think I may have to rethink this display. Or hope that the weather improves so my original idea can materialise in the garden. Or simply open a flower shop in the house...


  1. Fina fötter! och en ljuvlig kommentar om ålderdom och ungdom.

  2. Visst är det skönt att man för göra som man vill....mixa och blanda nytt och gammalt, olika stilar och färger - kul! Det är oftast snyggt och inspirerande hos blomaffärer - så det är väl en bra känsla om du tycker att din installation känns så :-) Ditt hus ser jättefint ut!

    Ha' det bra!

  3. Jisses, nu har jag missat ett inlägg. Men Charlotte har vickat för mig. Vad bra! :)
    Curvy and sensual in all the right places. Precis som mig.
    Du kanske skulle öppna en liten blomshop. Precis sån stil som du visar gillar jag. Gamla äppellådor, lite blomster, antikt, nytt, gammalt...
    Min lite hemliga dröm är att öppna en antikaffär-café-blomaffär, allt i ett. Kom hit så gör vi det tillsammans.
    Det blev inga foton på plajjan. Hade inte kameran med mig.
    Är inte lika snabb och duktig att få upp bilder som dig.
    Kram, kram...

  4. This is such a beatiful blog! Thanks for sharing it in public.

    I admire your pictures and the home that could be a dream home for me too! Ah, how I would love to have one of those old houses from British countryside :)

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments, and welcome to my blog, "Anonymous"!


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