Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Advent calendar 5

Behind door number five are a few recycled photos from last year, where again I have turned to Mother Nature for some decorative input. A branch chopped into small pieces and with holes drilled in the middle makes perfect little "pots" for the smallest Christmas trees in the world...

An old funnel is one of my trusty, rusty companions, and its new purpose, 
after having retired from its "funneling" days, is as a proud candle holder.

Hope your days are filled with joy and gingerbread biscuits!
Love, Helena


  1. I just love your upcykled funnel and the small "forest" pots.


  2. I love your calender and I'm already nosy what tomorrow waits for us.
    Have a cozy evening

  3. I really like the funnel candle holder - I'll have to look out for one - or more if I'm lucky !


  4. Old funnels new purpose is genius Helena, I love warm red feeling here (red is my favorite). Thank you for your support, upcoming christmas time is just so hard being alone so I wish I could skip the whole thing:)
    Kram Henrietta


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