Saturday, 13 February 2010

More kitchen and dining room...

Some of you may wonder about the zinc house lanterns found here and there around the house. They are from a Danish company, Walter og Co, come in all shapes and sizes and when candles are lit inside, they give the most wonderful light. The white armchair is from my native IKEA and the chest of drawers from Vintage Living in Bath, a shop I'd happily move into any day, with a beautiful collection of antique, vintage and made-to-look vintage furniture and accessories. The apple lamp is one of my own creations from many years ago, and it today boasts some additional patina with a few bite marks after some peckish toddlers have deemed it a suitable snack.

Now, high time to start sprinkling the rose petals, embrace your loved ones in happy thoughts and spread a little loving to your fellow humans. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I have a strong feeling I might go a little heart-crazy here on the blog...

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