Friday, 19 March 2010

A caged 'eggventure'...

The egg race is on.

Supermarket shelves are sagging under the weight of oversized chocolate eggs, interior shops offer explosions of pastels with eggs and bunnies, and my fellow bloggers are presenting their beautiful and freshly crafted Easter eggs. Egged on by all of this - pardon the intended pun - I found myself covered in découpage glue last night, and much to my own surprise, with a couple of floral eggs as a result.

This particular one seemed to look best levitating inside my favourite bird cage, but looking at the pictures here, I am worried it looks like it has been left hanging in a rather unhealthy way... My intention was to let it float freely, the cage door open with an invitation to fly into the world when hatched and ready...

Lovely Hanna at had a wonderful idea to put together a collage of lots of blogged eggs and you can see the crafted cavalcade on her blog. (Looking at it now, I see that some recently added photos there show eggs most likely made with the same napkins I used for my caged offspring!)

I have a feeling there will be more eggs popping their little egg heads around here on the blog in the next few weeks, but for now, have an eggstra - sorry, I just cannot seem to stop myself - lovely day...


  1. Så fint ägg! Det ser jättebra ut! Ha eb bra dag! Kram ♥
    / Jonna

  2. Vilket vackert litet ägg! Ja, visst är det kul att Hanna har gjort äggcollage av många av våra pimpade ägg och så inspirerande!

  3. Hej!
    Vad roligt att du hittade till mig så jag fick kika in hos dig... Ditt ägg är ljuvligt!

    Trevlig helg, kram Evelina


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