Sunday, 24 March 2013

Egg Heads...

No, of course I did not mean you, dear readers! 

The egg head heading refers to these three gentlemen that were the result of last night's itchy craft fingers having been allowed to play. Inspired by a photo I had seen on Pinterest (unfortunately I cannot remember where, so I apologise that there is no source stated), I dug out some old craft paper, three mini jam jars (those you often get with hotel breakfasts and which, I found out when I asked in a B&B last summer, are often thrown away and not recycled... which now makes me ask if I can take them home instead!), a black  pen and the three remaining eggs I could find in our fridge. And ta-daa, instant Easter fun! 


... and on the subject of itchy craft fingers... I thought I might continue the theme of 'show and tell' by showing you some wands I made for a certain young gentleman's Harry Potter birthday party a few days ago.. Welcome to Hogwarts!

I found some very easy step-by-step instructions here on how to make a Harry Potter wand that lived up to my health and safety conscious, do-not-like-any-children-to-get-their-eyes-poked-out-at-the-party philosophy. It was my first encounter with a glue gun ("What?" I hear you say, "a crafty girl without a glue gun???") and after an initial farcical few minutes that would give Mr Bean a run for his money, we bonded quite well (pardon the pun), the glue gun and I. 

I made a few changes to the original instructions and used two sheets of paper, one rolled inside the other, for stability, and I did not use any primer or paint several coats - instead I used a couple of tester pots in black and two different shades of brown and slabbed on the paint a little haphazardly, trying to achieve that distressed look. The wands were surprisingly easy to make,   and even if they will not last a lifetime, at least they are safe and proved very useful for the spells and potion making the little wizards undertook at the party...

Happy Sunday, everyone, and may it be a magical one!


  1. Love your very stylish egg men - they look rather Turkish to me! And well done on the wands - very authentic-looking. Have a good week. Abby x

  2. Vilka fina "eggheads" du har gjort, så säker på handen också!
    Riktigt imponerad är jag när det gäller stavarna! Så autentiska, och sicket pyssel du har haft för dej! De unga gentlemännen borde varit mer än nöjda! :)

  3. Love your egg heads :-)

  4. What wonderful wands! I bet the little witches and wizards were utterly thrilled with them!

    Jem xXx

  5. Hej Helena,

    Nämen vilken munter trio! Det var nåt alldeles äggstra det! Fniss fniss. Var ju bara tvungen att kläcka den kommentaren som du förstår, hihi. Blink ;) Smart återanvändning av burkarna där, tänk att de försvinner rakt ner i soporna?? Men jösses vilka magiska pinnar du svängt ihop, duktig du är! Rena trollkarlen, hehe :) Nu tror jag förstås inte att det hände i ett trollslag för de ser mycket välarbetade ut! Förstår att de unga magikerna hade hur skoj som helst på kalaset!

    Ha nu en bra start på nästa vecka.
    Kram Sanna

  6. I quite like the gent on the left who chooses to wear his hat at a rakish angle!


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