Wednesday, 24 February 2010

On the move...

This could very well refer to my rather tedious inability to just sit still and do nothing. It could also be the opening line to a deep and philosophical exploration of where we all are going in life.

It is neither.

It is simply about the small things in our house that tend to cruise around, stopping only momentarily in certain places before they move on, ready to explore a new corner or habitat. It is splendid to see how well certain objects seem to marry such a large number of different mates almost simultaneously, in a manner that would be seen as both promiscuous and rather distasteful in the human world.

Most loose-footed of all are the small zinc houses, one minute cuddling up to a bunch of candles and a moment later, gone to find a new partner to woo. The rusty stars are no better, and they never seem to tire of their household polygamy.

Good thing I am rather liberal about these things.

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  1. Its about time that an English person wrote a comment....well well,is this what you get up to all day?You are amazing,it all looks great.I am just waiting for the episode where you mention 'the babysitter'....x


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