Tuesday 13 March 2018

With (a) spring in my step...

It has been a while. 
A rather long while. 
Blog intentions were present and willing. 
Life threw me other things to do first. 

And then one day I caved in to friends' insistence that I ought to try Instagram.
So I have been instagramming a bit. (You can find me at @helenabernald on Instagram.) 

After months of hibernation, when I have occasionally placed a paw outside, in the vain (= desperate) hope for some spring vibes, it was not until today that I felt the air filled with hope and signs that spring is on its way.

So I have (a) spring in my step today.

And decided to welcome spring with some recycled, upcycled "Easter craft on a shoestring"  (inspired by the very creative and crafty Helena at http://helenalyth.se/). Photos taken with my phone, so the quality is not brilliant, but you get the idea... :-) 

I used egg shells from previous lunches, some leftover wall paint, the tiny satin ribbons you sometimes get in new T-shirts (the ones used to keep the T-shirt on its hanger), some small branches from a pile of cut down bushes nearby, and voilà, mini vases with a spring-y, Easter-y feel! 

Wishing you all a lovely week!