Tuesday 22 January 2013

Clearly a misunderstanding...

Dear Weather Gods,

When I had a chat with you the other day,
I thought it was quite clear what I wanted to say...

In fact, I think I may even have shouted from the roof tops: "Bring on SPRING!"

 And I most certainly did NOT say: "Snow is king!!!"

SO, dear Weather Gods... 
if you agree to quickly rectify this white and fluffy mistake,
I would even offer to bake you a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake!
But if you continue to ruin my spring-blossomed mood,
I would find you incredibly and unforgivably rude...

Anyway, I shall carry on protesting in my own special way,
and with spring flowers make an in-your-face indoor display!
Surely you can see its colourful appeal...?
So, what do you say, do we have a deal?


Thank you so much for all your kind get well wishes. 
Slowly but surely I am getting back on my feet, so your words must have helped! 

Wishing you all a lovely week, and stay warm out there!

Ps. Those of you who are readers of the UK interior magazine Good Homes, may have recognised one of  my photos of Hannah Turner's ceramics on page 18 in the February issue. I am happy that Hannah is getting more attention drawn to her lovely owls!

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Dreaming green...

Dear readers,
I hope the new year has started well for you.
Despite wishes for craft and creativity, some nasty germs are still holding me hostage,
 and with bed rest ordered by the doctor, 
I have instead dug out some photos from last summer...

There, some visual fuel to keep our winter-chilled souls believing that there will be a warm and green season again, with flower-picking, sheep-spotting and ancient oak-admiring on the agenda...

So, to finish off with a VERY random photo of some cute meerkats (at a mini zoo nearby), 
I shall try to find a similar log and sit down and wait for spring to happen!
 Wishing you a lovely week!

Tuesday 8 January 2013

A new year... 

Well, well, well...
Look what happens when I turn my back for a few moments....
A new year just walked right into our lives.
Just like that.
It could be that I have been flat out on the sofa debating with some germs 
over who should own my body at the moment...

It could be that the grey and the rain here in the South West UK has been rather constant 
for such a long time that the days seem to blend into a grey, soggy pulp...

A very sparsely decorated table at Christmas this year. Here I think you may also be able to see my favourite lights, or rather the effect of them: the small spots on top of the beams, directing their lights up, lighting up the ceiling in a way that seems to almost raise it a little more. You may also spot the small spots sunk into the floor by the arched doors, two by each door, lighting up the arches a little extra.

But it is here. A new year. An unwritten sheet waiting to be filled with wonderful things. 
Despite a few rather grey and gloomy lines above, that is indeed what I hope to focus on.
Wonderful things.

And I wish lots and lots of those for you too.
Wonderful things.
For you.

Happy New Year, dear readers!