Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A new year... 

Well, well, well...
Look what happens when I turn my back for a few moments....
A new year just walked right into our lives.
Just like that.
It could be that I have been flat out on the sofa debating with some germs 
over who should own my body at the moment...

It could be that the grey and the rain here in the South West UK has been rather constant 
for such a long time that the days seem to blend into a grey, soggy pulp...

A very sparsely decorated table at Christmas this year. Here I think you may also be able to see my favourite lights, or rather the effect of them: the small spots on top of the beams, directing their lights up, lighting up the ceiling in a way that seems to almost raise it a little more. You may also spot the small spots sunk into the floor by the arched doors, two by each door, lighting up the arches a little extra.

But it is here. A new year. An unwritten sheet waiting to be filled with wonderful things. 
Despite a few rather grey and gloomy lines above, that is indeed what I hope to focus on.
Wonderful things.

And I wish lots and lots of those for you too.
Wonderful things.
For you.

Happy New Year, dear readers!


  1. Those arched doorways are glorious! I love the sense of "calm" in the photos of your home.

  2. Happy New Year to you, Helena. Your room is beautiful, warmly lit and so welcoming.

  3. thanks for your share!!
    keep posting and happy blogging!!

  4. My best wishes for you and yor family!!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  5. Happy new year dear Helena

  6. Så vackert ditt rum är och så fint du har dukat! Du håller stilen i alla lägen! Man ser verkligen var din hand har dragit fram! :)

    Så jättetrist att du inte är frisk! Jag kan bara önska att du piggar på dej och att ditt nya år 2013 blir ett fint år på alla sätt!
    Jag ser förstås fram emot fortsatt stimulans härifrån!
    Ja vädret, vädret - bedrövligt är det här också! Här har vi åtminstone snö som lyser upp det gråa, men solen, solen....var är den??? :)

    Krya på dej, som sagt!

  7. Happy New Year, Helena. Sorry you've had a bug - me too - so tiresome and draining. I'm more or less over it, but still feel a bit weary! Hey, ho - come on Spring! x

  8. A happy and healthy new year to you, Helena - full of joy and adventures!! My new year started with a visit at the dentist´s yesterday... not a good start at all. But there are still 357 days left to get better ;-)

  9. Det känns som en evighet sen den där fredagen man gick hem från jobbet före jul och började ledigheten. Har regnat en hel del här också, fast
    det är ganska skönt och slippa jättemängder med snö. Härlig dukning hos dig på jul.
    Krya på dig nu och gott nytt år.

  10. Your room is warmly simplistic...clean, calming, and yet welcoming. Certainly must have taken the chill out of the damp night air. LOVE!

  11. Happy new year darling..now on our way to spring !!...yes yes yes !!!.....love from me Ria...xxx..

  12. Liebe Helena,
    ich wünsche dir ebenfalls ein wunderschönes neues Jahr 2013.
    Liebe Grüße

  13. I was ill as well.. terrible flue and cough!! Happy new year to you Helena! Your house is amazing as usual!

  14. Hello there käraste du!!!

    Ja, himmel och pannkaka. Vad hände egentligen. Vips så blev det januari :-) Har svårt att vänja av mig all pralinätning bara. Annars har vardagen daskat till ordentligt tycker jag hihi..... Vet du. Har precis gjort ett inlägg där jag visar några bilder när jag hälsade på dig sist, när vi var till Castle Combe :-) Vilken mysig dag det var!!!!

    Stor kram till dig!!!

  15. Hope you are feeling better. Your Adventcalendar was fantastic, I really liked the christmas trees on the wooden boards, so clever. I do not know how you have time for making all these beautiful things, as well as family and working....You are young, that helps
    Happy New Year!
    Your Arizona fan

  16. I am just catching up on all your 'advent' posts which are totally inspired. I love your Christmas dining room, so beautifully lit too, enough to banish the winter glums. I hope the bugs hop off elsewhere very soon and you get back to doing what you do best, making life more beautiful. A very Happy New Year to you and yours dear Helena. xxx

  17. Hi Helena
    I wish you too a splendid, colorful, healthy and creativ 2013!Hopefully those stupid germs have given up their struggle with your body and you are feeling well again.
    Take care

  18. Happy new year Helena !!! Hope you feel better... I am waiting for some more beautiful photos as i am fan of what you give us... Always so inspiring...

    Bye Elsa

  19. Happy new year to you too, your home is very beautifull...kiss!

  20. Önskar dig en riktigt god fortsättning på det nya året.
    Och en underbar helg, kram Maria

  21. Hittade hit via trädgårdsflow, och vad kul det var! Vilket underbart hus du har, rymden, ljuset,luften, ja hur härligt osm helst.
    Önskar dig också ett gott nytt år!
    Hoppas förkylningen gett sig.


  22. Ditt hus är så otroligt vackert. Önskar dig ett gott nytt år och hoppas att allt är bra.

    Kram Dila

  23. Elsker gulvet i spisestuen din ! og forøvrig alt det andre også :)

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