Wednesday 29 August 2012

Charlotte's Garden Flow - Part III

Yes, here we are, the "final destination" of our green journey around Charlotte's glorious garden, 
and below you can see that Garden Flow is at work in more ways than one here.
 (Click on the photo to get a larger, sharper image.)

The curved shapes, with a rusty metal "band" separating the gravel and the grass, to me are ingenious, creating interest and a visual "flow", like that of a wave at sea.

Inviting seats for contemplation can be found here and there 
in this meditative garden, and this bench in particular "had me at hello"...

What is it about an old wooden ladder casually leaning against a tree that speaks to me so much? Is it just its graphic shape and rustic beauty, or does it tickle me on a subconscious level with the curiosity of what I might find if I started climbing...

On the lower level of the garden, somewhere below the ladder-ed tree, there is more to explore, and this stone-y little "stream" is yet another display of Charlotte's creative mind and playfulness at work.

This is my favourite area in Charlotte's green world, and one where I could lose myself in quiet contemplation and garden dreams for a long, long time...

Oh yes, another furry garden helper quietly observed my camera movements and little squeals of delight. How I wish I had been a mind reader that day, to understand what those blue eyes were processing...

When strolling around this stunning oasis, it is hard to believe it has not been created by a garden designer with years of "garden schooling" behind her. However, it has been created by someone with a natural sense of composition and a very creative eye, who has let her artistry pour out of her hands and into a much loved and cared-for green space. But it is by no means finished yet (is a garden ever finished?), and I can confidently say that new projects and ideas are forming in Charlotte's mind as we speak, so watch this space! Or rather, watch her space!

Thank you, Charlotte, for letting us explore your glorious green world!

Monday 27 August 2012

Charlotte's Garden Flow - Part II

Welcome back to the stroll around Charlotte's garden!

On a table next to the green house reside a colony of auriculas, together creating yet another eye-catching corner of the garden, their cute little name "flags" drawing the viewer closer to explore what different personalities may be found here.

It is perhaps no surprise that I have fallen in love with Charlotte's style, 
and I dare say that I have in her found a sister with the same love for cushions and lanterns...

Love the old wooden step ladder outside the green house here!

Charlotte is the "Queen of Still Lifes"...

... and even tucked-away tables where she stores her pots and other materials, 
to me look like pretty compositions and rustic works of art... (above and below)

In this last photo below, my favourite corner of the garden can be spotted in the background, by the bench , and next time, I will invite you to explore this lovely spot up close!

See you soon!

Saturday 25 August 2012

Charlotte's Garden Flow... - Part I

Ladies and gentlemen,

After weeks and weeks of lazy holiday pace, I am now back in my work/reality chair, looking at the "should have dealt with before I went on holiday" pile, at it sits there, quietly teasing me next to the equally tall "really have to deal with now" work pile. 

Before I roll up my sleeves and dig through these towering to-do hills, I would like to invite you to join me on a stroll so pleasurable, you may just forget about your own work tasks completely, as you lose yourself with me in a green world so beautiful, so tranquil and SO inspiring, the only thing to do is to succumb and enjoy the ride...

Welcome to Charlotte's GORGEOUS green world! 

In northern Sweden, where famously the sun never sets in the summer and polar bears run amok in the streets in the winter (or don't they? :-), lives Charlotte Andersson with her family in a stunning 19th century traditional Swedish wooden house. A couple of years ago, Charlotte and I met through our blogs, and have since enjoyed meeting in real life on a number of occasions, both in the UK and now in Sweden.

Charlotte's home-made potting table, with lovely rusty and black decorative items awaiting their next assignment.

Charlotte is an inside-out beautiful and multi-talented lady, whose garden philosophy speaks of gardening as a source of wellness, rest and creativity, as long as we allow ourselves to enjoy our gardens and not be eaten up by the "musts" we might see when we contemplate the work involved. 

Do you see the little green hedge in the background in the photo above? Behind it is the kitchen garden, where vegetables share the stage with a profusion of pretty petals and...

Well, helloooo you handsome rusty stud, I think you and I could become very good friends!

From raised flower beds, a sea of petal-framed little faces 
of all kinds and colours stretch to greet the sun...

As I walked around taking photos, I was closely followed by this sweet little "gardener", whose miaows seemed to speak both of a cuddly friendliness and a watchful "you're in MY garden now, and I am keeping an eye on you". Either way, the company was lovely!

Old wrinkly apple trees and tall, proud hollyhocks - beautiful!

This was the first little "taster" of what to me is a DREAM garden. Join me to continue the stroll in my next two blog posts. To keep the suspense, I will save the best for last, and show you my favourite corner of the garden in the third post from Charlotte's green haven (whose beautiful blog Garden Flow will provide you with lots, lots more green inspiration and creative ideas).

See you soon again!

Monday 13 August 2012

And they said "I do"...!

Last week, we had the pleasure of revisiting beautiful France, and this time for a special occasion indeed. A lovely young woman and a fabulous young man were going to "tie the knot" in a setting so stunning, the word breath-taking seems a feeble adjective to do it justice...

I did not attend the wedding personally, but joined the joyous crowd the following day, as the celebrations continued... (hence the slightly bent signs after the thunderstorms during the night). 

I have been to this gorgeous home at the foothill of the Pyrenees before, but never has it looked more stunning than it did last weekend, so beautifully decorated for the special event and with the air scented not only with rose petals and lavender, but with so much love and happiness that it nearly made me tipsy.

(Please click on the horizontal images, to see the whole image - you only see a cropped version otherwise.)

There, next to the house and wrapped in flowers, bunting and romance,
lies the old barn, and what better place to ....

...say "I do" than on the second floor with this view?!

The trees were filled with (- I believe - ) sun powered lights, and I can only imagine the magical atmosphere that must have reigned here at night...

If only walls and doors could speak... what stories would they share?

(As mentioned before, please click on the horizontal images to see the whole image.)

A large marquee hosted the dinner...

... and even the day after, the laughter, the speeches, the music and the tears of joy, 
could still be heard as faint whispers inside the deserted party tent...

As the clearing up of the party tent began, the flowers having adorned each table in the marquee, 
were gathered on the tables by the pool. (No, the table is not levitating!)

Fluffy clouds of gyp hugging roses that looked good enough to eat...!

Thank you, B and S, for letting me share some of the decorations on your special day - 
I wish you all the best for a wonderful life as husband and wife!


Ps, Thank you so much for all of your kind comments and emails, and hello all new readers!