Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Charlotte's Garden Flow - Part III

Yes, here we are, the "final destination" of our green journey around Charlotte's glorious garden, 
and below you can see that Garden Flow is at work in more ways than one here.
 (Click on the photo to get a larger, sharper image.)

The curved shapes, with a rusty metal "band" separating the gravel and the grass, to me are ingenious, creating interest and a visual "flow", like that of a wave at sea.

Inviting seats for contemplation can be found here and there 
in this meditative garden, and this bench in particular "had me at hello"...

What is it about an old wooden ladder casually leaning against a tree that speaks to me so much? Is it just its graphic shape and rustic beauty, or does it tickle me on a subconscious level with the curiosity of what I might find if I started climbing...

On the lower level of the garden, somewhere below the ladder-ed tree, there is more to explore, and this stone-y little "stream" is yet another display of Charlotte's creative mind and playfulness at work.

This is my favourite area in Charlotte's green world, and one where I could lose myself in quiet contemplation and garden dreams for a long, long time...

Oh yes, another furry garden helper quietly observed my camera movements and little squeals of delight. How I wish I had been a mind reader that day, to understand what those blue eyes were processing...

When strolling around this stunning oasis, it is hard to believe it has not been created by a garden designer with years of "garden schooling" behind her. However, it has been created by someone with a natural sense of composition and a very creative eye, who has let her artistry pour out of her hands and into a much loved and cared-for green space. But it is by no means finished yet (is a garden ever finished?), and I can confidently say that new projects and ideas are forming in Charlotte's mind as we speak, so watch this space! Or rather, watch her space!

Thank you, Charlotte, for letting us explore your glorious green world!


  1. Hello Helena

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden. I love the originality and the whimsy play of the stones to provide the illusion of a river had me smiling.
    Helen xx

  2. Ciao Helena, ammirare le tue foto e leggerti è sempre piacevole! Bellissimo il risultato finale del giardino, adoro i dettagli e qui si perdono a vista d' occhio. Complimenti, Anna

  3. What a beautiful garden! I love to go with you through other gardens.


  4. Charlotte has a wonderful eye for shape and texture which shines through in your photographic finale Helena. The band seperating the lawn and the gravel path is a stroke of genuis not only for it's visual appeal but also for the practicality of mowing such curvaceous lines whilst retaining a sharp edge.
    Can you please refrain from adding anymore inquisitive, beautiful blue-eyed, white-socked cat photos to your future posts my anti-feline defence system is going into meltdown!
    Love the photo with the lanterns hanging from the tree and the ladder that leads to an enchanted world, pure garden magic!

  5. What a lovely relaxing garden! We're visiting friends in Box next month and I've never been in that area before - are there any particular vintage shops/markets you could recomend for nice bits and pieces? Many thanks.

    1. Dear Zella,

      How nice for you to visit the sweet village of Box. They have a lovely vintage café in the middle of the village, Toast Coffee House, owned by Lucy and Simon - a lovely place to visit!

      As for shopping tips, there are many wonderful antiques shops along London Road (which is the road you are coming in on if you drive from Box) and Walcott Street in Bath, but I rarely shop there, as they are a bit pricey. I do however go regularly to Gardenelia,, which is also on London Road, where you can find rusty garden tools and decorative objects.

      Should you prefer to "rummage" a little for decorative details with a more pleasant price tag, the second-hand shop Granny's Attic in the High Street in Corsham (just up the rad from Box) is the place to go. A little chaotic perhaps, but if you persist in rummaging for a while, you can find some real "treasures".

      Also, I don't know when exactly you will be here, but there is a vintage/antiques market in Bath on the last Sunday of every month (not August), I have, strangely, still not been to it, but I can imagine it is good!

      There is a small, and unfortunately quite pricey, antiques shop in Lacock (a village you just HAVE to visit, just a short drive from Corsham/Box), next to the George pub. Whitehall Garden Centre, just before you get to Lacock from Corsham, has got many decorative bits and bobs, both for indoor and outdoor use, but since they closed their "Bygones" section, all their items are new. A very large selection of things though, and many vintage-looking things.

      Hope this helps, and have a lovely time visiting your friends!


    2. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply - I really appreciate all the tips and will make sure to follow up as many as possible. Looking forward immensely to seeing your part of the world!

  6. Fantastiska bilder på en fantastisk trädgård, åh så vackert! Läckert fyrkantigt stålbord och vilken fin missse! Första bilden gillade jag extra mycket, sakerna och stylingen, urläckert!!! Du har verkligen öga för sånt här Helena! mari.

  7. Vilken tur vi hade med vädret när du hälsade på. Riktigt fina sommardagar.
    I dag regnar det här....

    Stooor kram till dig och innerligt TACK för dina fina inlägg från min täppa.
    Loved to have you here my friend.

  8. It's really fantastic, thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of Charlottes garden!

    With love, Ingrid

  9. Fantastisk trilogi fra Charlottes hage. Ren nytelse!

  10. Hej Helena!

    Vad ska man säga om denna fantastiska trädgård!? Jag tar in och beundrar varenda millimeter. Otroligt vackert och inspirerande! Ringlande gångar och perfekta gräsmattekanter.. det vore nåt här, höhö. Säker på att det inte gömmer sig en trädkoja där uppe i trädkronan?? Du klättrade väl upp på stegen och kollade för säkerhets skull.. ;) Som vanligt jättefint fotograferat av dig Helena!

    Kram Sanna

  11. Helt fantastisk, Helena ღ
    Nydelige bilder og hage...
    Skulle gjerne ha hatt det
    slikt ja :)
    Takk for fantastiske flotte
    bilder, stor klem fra Mette

  12. Så fantastiskt fint, tänk om man hade en sån trädgård! Själv klarar vi inte ens av att ta hand om vår lilla radhusplätt ;-) Gillar verkligen den gröna soff-hörnan, så himla mysigt! Och så katten såklart, klart jag gillar katten bäst av allt :-)

    Vet du, du behöver verklgien inte oroa dig, jag satt med ett STORT leende på läpparna när jag läste din underbara kommentar. Det finns ingen som skriver så underbart fyndiga, charmiga, roliga och otroligt fina kommentarer som du! Jag blir så väldigt glad varje gång! Tack tack finaste du!


  13. wow vilken underbar trädgård som du har fångat på ett fantastiskt sätt med din kamera :-)...jag gillade verkligen soffhörnan, där skulle jag sitta och meditera minst en gång/dag om inte fler ;-)
    kram Åsa

  14. What a beautiful garden! Proof that you don't have to be a professional to create a green oasis!

    Thanks for sharing,


  15. What a lovely outdoor space !But such a work to do until the final result...It is really gorgeous but the first thing I admire behind all this, is passion. I suppose also that nature and climate are favorable for maintaining this paradise.Many thanks

  16. Otroligt fin blogg och vackra bilder!
    Jag råkade av en slump "Gilla" Art's på FB och inser att en av bilderna som delades idag är en av dina, konstigt sammaträffande att jag av en slup hittade hit till bloggen nästan samtidigt.
    Jag kommer att forsätta att kika förbi.

  17. Å vad glad du gjorde mig nu Helena, tack söta!

    SÅ vackra bilder du visar...underbart...

    Varmaste kramen till dig!

  18. I love this garden! Thanks for sharing. I've picked up so many wonderful ideas!!! :D

  19. Thank you for showing this little paradise. I just had to visit Charlottes Blog too... oh what a stunning place!
    The photo with the cat is lovely... I adore her white paws. My furry garden helper couldn't have white paws... they would always be dirty... okay it's a boy cat and he loves to climb every tree in the garden when I'm strolling through it.
    Have a great day

  20. Hej, jag såg en av dina bilder på Det verkar vara en gemenskapssida som alla kan lägga upp bilder i.

  21. your blog is so so beautiful,
    i'am a Housewife with 3 boys living in France, i like wood and paper and i Love England (I spent two years in London when I was 20) Everything is so beautiful on your blog, I like !!! i do a lot of hearts with wood as well, have a nice day and i hope you understand my english !


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