Monday, 27 August 2012

Charlotte's Garden Flow - Part II

Welcome back to the stroll around Charlotte's garden!

On a table next to the green house reside a colony of auriculas, together creating yet another eye-catching corner of the garden, their cute little name "flags" drawing the viewer closer to explore what different personalities may be found here.

It is perhaps no surprise that I have fallen in love with Charlotte's style, 
and I dare say that I have in her found a sister with the same love for cushions and lanterns...

Love the old wooden step ladder outside the green house here!

Charlotte is the "Queen of Still Lifes"...

... and even tucked-away tables where she stores her pots and other materials, 
to me look like pretty compositions and rustic works of art... (above and below)

In this last photo below, my favourite corner of the garden can be spotted in the background, by the bench , and next time, I will invite you to explore this lovely spot up close!

See you soon!


  1. Så vackert du skapat i ditt hem och trädgård, verkligen jättefint! Kram

  2. That's all wonderful! Charlotte has a fantastic garden!

    With love, Ingrid

  3. Jösses så snyggt, nått helt annat än min övergivna trädgård...

    Fantastiska bilder dessutom!


  4. I can imagine that you're in love with Charlotte's garden, how beautifull!! I love the ladder, pots and all the other material in the garden. Thanks for sharing Helena ;)
    Greetings Diana

  5. Wonderful!
    Charlotte's Garden is beautifull.


    Liebe Grüße von Danny

  6. En helt underbar trädgård har denna Charlotte! Jag förstår ju att du faller för allt vackert - det på minner ju så mycket om din egen stil! Så härligt att inspireras och att du ville dela med dej till oss!
    Åh, så mycket vackert att titta på och förundras över!


  7. Både Du och Charlotte har helt underbara trädgårdar. Era bloggar är en verklig inspirationskälla.

  8. Thank you so much much for sharing this wonderful visit to Charlotte's Garden Helena. The layers of detail that she has created make such a beautiful place bubble with intrigue and discovery. Her arrangements and selection of props add such character and action to the already charming backdrop. So, I'll be taking home Colonel Muttonchops the Cat and also that gorgeous wooden 'wall' in photos 6 and 7, then I can stroke both with each hand!

  9. Så vakkert!
    Her er ideer jeg vil bruke i min bakgård. Takk for at du deler så mange fine bilder med oss.

  10. Such beauty!!! I wish i'll visit thiw paradise one day...
    Greetings from Greece!

  11. Så fantastiskt lovely, fab, gordious, beautiful och ja, jag vet inte vad! Heeeelt underbart fint helt enkelt!
    Kram, Judita

  12. Käraste Helena!

    Känner mig så härligt omgiven av dina ljuva toner (och så rodnar jag lite...) när jag läser dina söta rader och ser dina fina bilder från min täppa.

    Massor av Garden Love från mig till dig!!!

  13. En sådan härlig och fantastisk trädgård...det ligger många timmars slit vilket resultat!! Beautiful!! /Maria

  14. SERENDIPITY! I have just happened across your blog today! Your photography is amazing! I shall definitely be stopping by again for inspiration and therapy :-)


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