Monday, 15 February 2010

Think calm. Be calm.

Well, that's the idea. I think that in a house where testosterone, noise and the occasional paper aeroplane bounce off the walls on a daily basis, the need for a serene and calming canvas is essential for, well if not survival then at least to prevent a mum from bouncing off those same walls...

So, there I was, with some leftover floor boards and my precious band-saw. Before I had had a chance to say chocolate biscuit, my subconscious had guided my hands to form the letters that symbolise my needs. Luckily there were enough floorboards left to also make the table below, but only after some serious paint-stripping and the not-so-natural-high that comes with the fumes of the paint stripper... Who would come up with the idea of painting a lovely old dolly tub, anyway? Well, I do confess that the rough surface just adds character, and recycling an old Victorian wash-tub... me like!

And am I calmer? Well, time will tell...

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