Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tick Tock. Time for green. Time for spring.

I must admit I am getting more than comfortably impatient now. I go out to talk to the tulip bulbs in the pots and pull very gently at the tiny sprouts promising crocuses. I wear my spring coat to take the children to school and try to ignore the accompanying blue lips and sound of rattling teeth. My blue lips, my rattling teeth. Like a spring desperado I fill my house with tulips and roses and stick my tongue out at anything dark-coloured in my wardrobe...

And I wait. Shivery and light-longing, I wait. Through the silence of my mental waiting room I hear them, first one at a time and then a cacophony of feisty feathery friends, tweeting and hollering. It can only mean one thing.

So spring it on!

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