Saturday, 27 March 2010

One happy Swede...

This weekend, the Swenglish Home has got some V I P guests brightening an otherwise rather rainy UK. My parents are here from Sweden and as if that was not enough to make us all do cartwheels of joy, they came bearing gifts... The latest issue of Vakre Hjem, the beautiful magazine so full of breathtaking images that reading it all in one go leaves me slightly intoxicated -in a good way, Lantliv (another lovely magazine) and a recently published book by the woman who makes me believe brussel sprouts actually have a purpose in this world: Minna Mercke Schmidt's "Blomstrande Idéer" ("Flourishing Ideas").

And then there was the little carrier bag from HM Home... I will show you soon what treasure it sheltered in its plastic embrace. Let's just say for now that this is one happy, excited and -purely from inspiration - inebriated Swede.

Wishing you all an equally healthy dose of intoxication this weekend. And if not, then at least a moment of tipsy giggling.


  1. Ja, visst är det härligt med dessa vackra magasin att inspireras av! Härlig bild du visar - du inspirerar ju också!

    Så trevligt med sverige-besök!
    Ha en fin helg!

  2. Åh så mysigt. Min mamma brukar också ha med sig mina favvotidningar och det är det bästa jag vet. Har aldrig läst Vakre Hjem, är den Norsk?
    Och menar du Hennes och Mauritz home? Den affären ska bli skoj att titta in i när jag åker hem i sommar.
    I'm so excited for you. Ha det så gott med dina föräldrar.


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