Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kära vänner i Norge,
Idag är mina tankar hos er och familjerna som drabbats. Ofattbara tragedier!

Dear friends in Norway,
Today my thoughts are with you and with the affected families. Unbelievable tragedies!



  1. Too horrific for words. Prayers for all concerned. xxxxxxx

  2. I think we all are still in a state of shock, we cant believe what has happened in our little, peaceful corner of the world.

  3. Takk for dine varme tanker vennen!
    Vi kan nesten ikke fatte hva som har hendt, så uvirkelig og enormt trist alt sammen. Plutselig mister man alt det gode og trygge som man engang hadde, og man får en ny og brutal virkelighet. Tenke seg til at noe som dette kan skje i norden også.


  4. Same here, I can't believe how this can happen.
    All people in Norway, you are in our thoughts here in Finland.

  5. Ja all kärlek till våra hårt drabbade grannland idag! Så ofattbart och fruktansvärt det som skett.... Kram J

  6. I am so sad! It is so bad
    Everyone is shocked and grieved!

  7. this has shocked the entire world. your tribute is so touching with the photo pf those candles, i knew immediately i wanted to join in.

  8. It 'was terrible. Also in Italy we are very sad for this tragedy.


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