Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Side-tracking from the season...

The garden at King John's Hunting Lodge Tea Rooms in Lacock

Peering into a private garden in Lacock.

 Images 3 and 4 from the cemetery in Corsham (The manor Corsham Court in the background behind the wall in image 4).

Dear readers,
I had hoped to offer you a bit of floral entertainment and interior playfulness this week, 
but the time monster seems to have gobbled up this week's ration... again!

So, above are some photos from October that I have played around with a little in Picnik (free editing program online). I just enhanced the colours a little, but even without any computer "tricks", these flowers could still hold their own, even at this late date in the season. Now, as we approach the end of January, I can't help but yearn for the delight of spring flowers, and even if Mother Nature is not quite ready, I think I might just sneak a few shop bought petals into the house, when I return from a couple of work trips in a few weeks...

Meanwhile, should you happen to find yourself in the lovely town of Bradford-on-Avon, just outside Bath, and your tummy starts rumbling, here is a place to change the rumbling into satisfied sighs:

Eating like a queen...

Well, I don't exactly know that the queen has ever set foot here, but the burgers at the restaurant the Castle  are certainly fit for royalty. The menu offers other slightly more sophisticated dishes as well, and lovely, characterful décor. I fell in love with the fish wall paper! But no, perhaps not something that would work in the Swenglish Home... (This is not a sponsored blog post, the Castle do not even know I am writing this.)

I wish you all a fabulous end of January and an equally stunning start to February, 
and I hope to see you all again in a few weeks time!



  1. Helena, your images make me long for summer. I love the chairs in the dining area of the castle, beautiful.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Almost spring darling...i am so glad !!...happy time.....enjoy......nice to see your post

  3. Wonderful images...thanks for sharing!! It would be great to be there!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  4. Awesome!!! Certainly, your blog is a great inspiration to me and to all the people that wil come to visit it! Thanks for sharing these wonderful things with us !!!

    Hugs from Brazil,

  5. Vilka underbara foton du tar. Både de i detta inlägg, och alla de övriga. Älskar England och när jag läser din blogg tänker jag mig tillbaka till min tid i landet. Tack!

    Kram Malin

  6. Also I'm looking forward to spring
    I wish you a beautiful and rewarding productive period
    See you soon

  7. Hi Helena
    Huuuu, your wonderful pictures made me even more longing for the time to sit in the garden again. But they are gorgeous. And the little restaurant looks great even without the Queen :o).
    Have a nice time

  8. Nydelige og stemningsfulde billeder som altid, Helena. Ja, tidsmonsteret kender vi alt til. Håber at du snart får bekæmpet det, for jeg glæder mig til at se hvad du finder på næste gang! :)
    Picnik? Lyder som et program jeg skal checke ud. Har den senere tid forsøkt at lære mig Photoshop elements, men selv om det skulle være elementært, så føles det ganske kompliceret ud for undertegnede... suk
    Ha en rigtig god weekend! Klem fra Ina

  9. Wow, vilka bilder alltså!!!! Men det är ju i och för sig precis som vanligt här hos dig....


  10. Your blog is a wonderful inspiration,so elegant and simply!I love it!
    Have a great days,Monica

  11. Hi Helena,
    I am so happy to discover your beautiful blog! Your photography is amazing and I am so inspired.
    From your newest follower. ~Delores

  12. Hello Helena,
    your photos have left me
    winded, but that of Corsham Court .....
    it is amazing, congratulations.
    I love England!
    Come see me, I'll wait
    Susy x

  13. Vackra bilder och jag tyckte väl att blommorna var lite väl färggranna för att vara på riktigt :-) det är faktiskt riktigt kul att fixa och trixa med bilderna i redigeringsprogram. Och härlig burger-reklam :-) Låter verkligen som det är värt ett besök (får komma ihåg det om jag nån gång tar mig dit :-)

    Ha en fortsatt trevlig helg!

  14. zachwyciły mnie te klimaty:)))

  15. Underbara bilder som vanligt. Det är alltid lika inspirerade att kika in här hos dig. Längtar också efter våren, värmen, ljuset och alla fina blommor.

    Kram Dila

  16. I love the photo with the peacock, very suggestive.

  17. Ljuvliga bilder!!

    Kram från en som hoppas att det går att kommentera idag:)

  18. Så mycket vackert och inspirerande. Tyckte om fisktapeten men håller med om att den vore svår att placera även hos oss...

  19. Underbart färgsprakeri, precis vad jag behövde just nu när grådagarna har radat upp sej! Underbara bilder och vilken vacker restaurang, kunglig eller ej!
    Önskar dej också en fin avslutning på januari!


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