Monday, 25 June 2012

Roses are red...

...violets are blue...
I am overwhelmed, 
and would like to thank YOU!

OK, perhaps that is not exactly how the original poem goes. But after having asked you a general question in my last blog post about where you as readers draw the line for what is considered boasting or just considered sharing one's joy, I realised it may have sounded as if I was fishing for compliments... and I am overwhelmed with your kind and generous response! 

I have no words to describe how you filled me with both personal and "selfish" joy and moved me so much with your kind words, but also with a more general delight at how many wonderful, generous and positive ladies (and some men, yes, I know you are there too) inhabit the blog world and spread your love and light in a way that makes this world a wonderful place to be! OK, I know, some of you may feel I am going a little over the top here, but you know what... so be it. You moved me. Thank you!

One of my favourite times of the year has always been Midsummer, as this is a flower-packed and joyful (for most), festive season in my native Sweden. Since my boys started school, I can no longer "nip over" to Sweden to dance the Midsummer night away with the traditional floral wreath in my hair, and I do confess to missing that a great deal! 

So what to do? Well, with the rain - oh, the never-ever-ever ending rain? - keeping us captive, I did not attempt to copy the outdoor Midsummer traditions of my heritage, but modestly make a token rose wreath with some deep cerise (they look very red here) beauties from the garden. Some bolted lettuce made a nice companion in a small cup, and my lovely old (and rusty - hooray!) iron - a lovely gift from a dear friend - lent itself to an impromptu vase.

... and from these dark photos (taken in the middle of the day, but with the skies full of gloom and rainy doom), I think we need a quick look at some other rosy photos from some recent walks nearby...

Some lovely roses in front of the folly here in Corsham. Yes, this may look like an ancient ruin, but is the result of the land owners deciding in 1797 that they fancied a "Medieval" wall in their garden ( it does actually  contain some Medieval stone work)... Well, I suppose... why not? 

At the end of a row of  Weavers' cottages here in town, there is a lanky red rose bush offering its modest few branches of petal glory to passers-by. I love the shapes and mix of materials in view here. The stunning old stone walls, both the curved one and the house itself, the small roof tiles also bearing witness of their age, the shaped, fluffy and round green topiary, the small window panes - again, indicating that this is an old, old house -, it all just works so beautifully together, I think.

With my friends here from Sweden visiting for a week, you will not be surprised to hear that I "forced" them to go for a few scenic walks with me, one of which took us past this glorious house, which rendered appropriate and expected gasps of delight and accompanying camera clicks from my walking companions.

... and I doubt you will be surprised to hear that I let out a similar gasp of joy at the sight of... 
yes, you got it, a RUSTY wheelbarrow with FLOWERS planted inside. 

After all the walking and talking (yes, no surprise there either, lots of talking was involved!)...

... this chair looked particularly appealing for a nice rest 
just by a weeping willow, one of my favourite trees...

And last, but not least, the youngest of our guests (here with his father). Three months old and with smiles that could melt the entire North Pole in one go. And yes, very kissable feet!

Thank you, once again, for all your incredibly kind words after my last post, 
and for stopping by my little corner of the blog universe. 

I wish you a rose-tinted week!

Oh, and a small PS to the anonymous reader who mentioned that I should have written "primp", not "pimp" in my last post. I was trying to be a little playful with words and use "pimp" in the informal way it has been used more and more recently, as described in Wikipedia: "The verb "pimping" came up in the early 17th century. In the first years of the 21st century, a new meaning of the word has emerged in the form of a transitive verb pimp, which means "to decorate" or "to gussy up" (compare primp, especially in Scottish usage). This new definition was made popular by Pimp My Ride, an MTV television show. Although this new definition paid homage to hip-hop culture and its connection to street culture, it has now entered common, even mainstream commercial, use."


  1. oh helena, I am SO IN LOVE with your blog, with EACH of your pictures - it`s simply wonderful, what you are showing...

    hugs from austria!

  2. Beautiful red roses in the house who does not have ... you have such nice size gardens a delight to watch ... genotoxicity eating your beautiful post .... a nice week ... greetings dear rosita

  3. Love your post as sweet that little love love

  4. Aqui no Brasil estamos no inverno, mas em minha região pouco faz frio, temos sol e flores coloridas o ano todo e quase nem precisamos de muitos agasalhos (somente no sul do país).
    Eu gosto muito de vir em seu blog, sempre tão bonito e encantador.
    Amei as rosas vermelhas, colorindo os cantinhos de sua casa, seu jardim e sua vida.

  5. Rosor är röda
    violer är blå
    smultron är söta
    och din blogg likaså

    Kram :)

  6. Sweet and Lovely. Beautiful roses and wreath, so lovely in your home. Lucky friends that get to go on a walk like that! xx

  7. Nydelige roser....ja mye regn i Oslo også:)
    Så morsomt at bildet ditt kom i et blad,det har en all grunn til å være stolt over:)
    ha en fin dag,solen skal vist komme til Oslo på besøk i dag:)

  8. Alldeles underbara rosor och som vanligt så vackert dekorerat. I helgen har min första också börjat slå ut. Hoppas allt är bra? Kramar ifrån ett idag äntligen soligt Sverige - i alla fall på västkusten.

  9. Meraviglioso!!!
    Saluti dall'Italia

  10. Such beauty right down to the little pink feet. I have been missing your posts recently, now playing catch up. How could you possibly worry that you are boastful, you simply share with us the many delights of your life. You have an open heart and a generosity of spirit and your blog continues to cheer and inspire in equal measure. Your success is well

  11. Åh, de där små fötterna är bara för söta! Tänk att döttrarna hade så små fötteren gång i tiden. Nästan svårt att tro nu då de drar samma storlek som mamman sin. ;)

    Vad härligt med besök av svenska vänner och att få njuta av sköna promenader tillsammans och jag är säker på att era vänner precis som ni uppskattade de där vackra promenaderna oerhört.

    Underbara bilder som alltid Helena och jag som själv är svag för murar av alla de slag i min trädgård förstår mycket väl att de bestämde sig för att mura upp sin egen. ;)

    Efter en veckas semester på Gotland med sol och bad kom vi hem med fjällande näsor och axlar och ett och annat myggbett härom natten och möttes av det regnoväder som tydligen drabbade er några dagar tidigare. Det kändes som om vädergudarna ville markera för oss att semestern minsann var över här och nu. Men vi lever på de vackra semesterminnena. Regnet till trots. ;)

    Sköt om dig vännen och ha en riktigt fin vecka!

    Kram Lotta

  12. Unos sitios y parajes maravillosos!
    Quien pudiera estar aqui!

  13. un post meraviglioso...le foto sono eccezionali, complimenti Lory

  14. Again wonderful photos in your blog. But... I have a question: You mentioned Corsham? Do you live there? I just ask because we come to England in the last week of July- I mentioned it in one of my comments - and we´ll stay on Church Farm in Corsham, Hartham. Do you know it?? So, if it is near to your home we´ll really have the chance to see all the beautiful places you have pictured in your blog ;-) Yippie!
    Yours, Claudia

    1. Dear Claudia,

      Yes, we do indeed live in Corsham and even though I have never been to the B&B you mention, I know exactly where it is! I am going away at the end of July, but perhaps you could email me and we could talk more?

      I hope and do think you will love this area, as there are SO many lovely places to visit!

      Do get in touch!

      Warm regards,

  15. Att du också var vaken denna natt..
    Det gick liksom inte att sova ett enda skvatt...;)

    Inte mitt bästa rim, men ändå;)


  16. Oh, please, may I live in the charming home with the flowers and red post box!

  17. Ooh Helena is is ALWAYS a joy to look at your blog and admire your photography. Even in this dreary weather your interior is still shining - it is even worse up here in the North West! I am attending a ball in North Yorkshire on Friday evening ... in a marquee eek and I am hoping the rain will stop before the end of the week.

    Also giggling about pimping and primping your patio teehee. A friend and I were only just talking about 'pimping' wellington boots to make them more glam in this awful weather, so pimping is a much used term in my world :-)

  18. I've been following your blog for a while now and absolutely love your photos and styling. Think the idea of celebrating mid-summer is lovely! Keep up the good work - it's very inspiring!

  19. Söta fina du! Du är då en sann vän! :)
    Tusen tack för din fina hälsning hos mig! Jag blir så glad, rörd och varm i hjärtat!
    Du finns i mina tankar med, ska du veta ♥

    Jag känner mig lite bättre idag, och ska snart iväg till jobbet.

    En stor kram till dig Helena!
    Tack för att du finns!

  20. Njuter som vanligt av dina otroligt vackra bilder!! Härliga, djupröda rosendekorationer!!

    Kram kram Sanne

  21. Så söta små fötter, helt bedårande bild.
    Och din vackra rosenkrans passade bra som
    midsommarkrans, bara röda rosor i en krans är
    effektfullt. Jättefina bilder, som alltid här hos dig.
    Varm kram

  22. He-he.....jasså det bor en liten poet i deg også, herlig. Elsker å titte innom din vakre blogg, men først nå gikk det an å legge igjen en kommentar. Har prøvd i flere uker, har opplevd det hos andre blogger også. Men endelig kan jeg i hvertfall gi lyd fra meg. Du kan tro jeg nyter mitt nye liv her i Frankrike..det har du nok forstått også..smil!
    Ønsker deg og dine en fortsatt fin sommer. Varm klem fra meg

  23. Vackert pimpat med de cerise-röda rosorna ;) Din styling ser alltid superfin ut, oavsett väder och ljusförhållanden. Jag får alltid en dos inspiration och nya tips när jag hälsar på hos dig. Helt lovely!

    Kraaam Sanna


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