Monday, 30 July 2012

Summing up summer so far...

After the long, long wait, the classrooms finally closed their doors for the last time...for now... The weather gods must have heard our pleas for some summer to match the holiday bearing its name, and suddenly our senses were filled with light. Everybody seemed to be walking around beaming as if in competition with the sun itself, sweating in warm temperatures but without a word of complaint, as if worried that would jinx this rare ray-ed event...

So what have the Swenglish family been occupying themselves with this first glorious week of "freedom"?

Well, quite a bit of...: 

A little bit of...:

(The beautiful walk back from the beach The Cliffs Bay in Wales, with the little river and the castle ruin on the hill top...)

Some of us have spent some time on...:

... others have done more of...:

All of us have done a little bit of...:

 (Canoeing down the river Wye in Wales.)

Oh, and some of us... well, one of us, might just have done a bit more of...:

Some of us even got to say hello to...:

(Stunning sand sculpture exhibition on the beach in Weston-Super-Mare.)


And for those of you having spent the past week sleepless, pondering over the fate of my trusty, awfully scruffy rustic wooden bench that had to step aside to make room for the iron lady in the previous blog post...  Well, worry no longer. It has just moved a little north east, ca 8-10 steps from its previous location:

Looking at these images now, I realise they let out small puffs of vaguely autumnal air...

But no, we are not there yet. Let's instead focus for a brief but blissful moment on these biscuits I shamelessly tease you with here. Dear, oh dear. Blogging is definitely a hazardous hobby if one is the slightest bit concerned about the bikini season... I can't remember in which wonderful blog I stumbled upon the recipe for these Nutella biscuits, but I knew the moment I saw it that my nutty fate was sealed!

Bench-lovers, look away now, as I declare the fate of the even more scruffety-scruff-health and safety hazard rustic bench that previously occupied this place. No, I don't think I can be blunt enough to say it out loud. Let's just say it has gone to meet its bench makers...and that it was a very heated goodbye... 


Oh, and soon, we'll be doing A LOT of...:

Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and for all the kind, kind comments you leave here.
I read and reread them and store them in my mental goodie jar, 
labelled HAPPINESS.

I hope you are doing A LOT of whatever makes your summer 
just that little bit extra special!



  1. I am happy to hear your weather if typical summer weather and may it continue.
    The bench is adorable and I can just imagine whiling away some peaceful hours here.

    Helen xx

  2. Härligt att äntligen ha sommarlov! Så sent, men kanske att sommaren äntligen har blivit sej lik hos er! Här har den knappt börjat - några trevande försök den sista tiden, men den verkar ångra sej hela tiden....!
    Helt ljuvliga bilder får du i alla fall till och de talar om harmoni och sköna dagar hos dej!
    Det önskar jag dej också fortsättningsvis!

  3. I hope you will also enjoy the summer in the next weeks!! I have to go to my work now, after four weeks holiday! And's a little bit hard...and early ;)!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  4. Beautiful summer
    Enjoy a peaceful week

  5. Deilige bilder som vanlig! Ja, la oss hape sommeren holder en stund! Kos deg!

    PS: det var muligens hos meg du sa oppskriften pa de Nutella cookis'ene... :-)

  6. Beautiful photos and just capture that brief spell of summer that we had, I know what its like to say goodby to a favourite bench but there just comes a time when they are beyond repair!!, although half of mine is now in greenhouse acting as a shelf! Enjoy your week.

  7. Hej Helena,

    Vilken fin start på sommarlovet! Ni har ju hunnit med en hel del, kanota på Wye ser helt sagolikt vackert ut. Va?! Finns inte träsoffan längre?? Buhu.. käre gamle vännen... men det var dags nu förstår jag. Men vilken snygging som tog plats istället! Wow så fin! Anar att den kommer sättas på prov direkt. Ska den klara fotomodellandet lika proffsigt som gamla träsoffan... ja, jag tror inte vi blir besvikna ;)

    Hoppas nu vädret håller i sig så ni får njuta av ett långt fint soligt härligt underbart sommarlov och semester!

    Kram Sanna

    PS. Vad roligt med inslag i tidningen Landhaus. Grattis! Kanske de skulle hört med dig innan den gick i tryck tänker jag, hm...

  8. Enjoy a beautiful summer darling.....i am doing some housework right was raining here this morning.....but the sun is trying to get i hope when i finished i can sit in the sun Ria,,,xxx,,,

  9. Nutella cookies?! Are you kidding?! I'm a Nutella addict and now one can bake cookies out of it.... uff, that will be my death... but what a sweet one *LoL*.
    I wish you all a wonderful and happy summer holiday. But with all those beautiful and relaxed things to do, you shouldn't have difficulties in enjoying it.
    Have a great time

  10. Beautiful pictures....
    I love your blog!
    Love, Peet.

  11. Best wishes for a wonderful and amazing summer!Love Olympia

  12. Det var sent sommarlovet började hos er, förstår
    att lyckan är total nu. Så skönt att alla är
    lediga. Och så fin paviljong du har, mysigt och sitta där. Jag håller på och gräver här, ska också sätta upp en sorts paviljong. Men jag har tagit kvällen, fick ont i ryggen.

  13. Google finds a lot of websites having a "nutella-Cookies" recipe. So I found one with a video:
    Maybe this can help all the "Nutella addicts" ;-)
    Claudia (back home again)

    PS. I love your photos!! In the next days you´ll find my "British adventure" photos on flickr.

  14. You photos are amazing!! Looks like you had fun!!!

  15. Kära Helena,

    Så gott ni har det! Precis så där härligt avslappnat och skönt som man vill ha det när det är sommarlov och lediga dagar. Dagar då man får lov att bestämma över sin egen tid och tanka kroppen full med så mycket sommarkänsla som det bara är möjligt.

    Njut kära du och tack för alla vackra bilder du bjuder på!♥

    Kram Lotta

  16. Vilken härlig sommar! Njut av sensommaren lika mycket!

    Sari från Puumuli

  17. Herlig skrevet - og deilig stemning i bildene dine. Ha en super duper sommerferie !

  18. Hi Helena, I love pictures .... I loved your blog and your photos. Since you asked .... I got some borrowed and put them on the site Pinterest .... Ok? Thank you and Congratulations!
    Eusa Maciel

  19. vilken underbar sommar du har haft...här har det också varit en fantastisk sommar med många härliga upplevelser och minnen som jag bär med mig under hösten :-)
    kram Åsa

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