Thursday, 6 September 2012

Light lover...

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may have noticed that I do love surrounding myself with colour, particularly spicy, saffrony shades. However, since moving to the UK, I have felt - more than ever before - a need for light, bright, white rooms...

... sometimes mixed with nature's own wooden browns, or - as in our conservatory above - 
leafy and mossy greens to link the outside with the room inside.

Nothing new to report in here, but since this was a rare moment of tidiness in an otherwise football book-covered, paper and pens-strewn, cereal-on-the-floor-going-crunch-under-your-feet-environment, I took the opportunity to snap a few shots before things returned to normal...

I love how the ivy spills onto the floor here, 
mirroring its cousin covering the stone wall outside...

Aha, but in here there is actually something new. The very old, dark sofa that previously inhabited this space had been on "life support" for longer than what was sofa humane (or human behind humane, for that matter), and as much as I love recycling and upcycling, there comes a time when one has to realise it is time to say farewell. A trip to a certain large blue and yellow Swedish furniture store and voilá, a sofa with all the lovely oumph, fluffage and bouncy comfort one can expect from a new padded friend. 

In the mirror, you may notice the other, smaller white sofa stretching its cushions high to be seen, feeling slightly neglected since the arrival of its larger sibling and hungry for some attention...

All right then, just to humour my old trusty sofa friend, here is another 
photo of one of the most photographed corners of the house.

Both white sofas are wearing modestly autumnal costumes, but - to our delight - outside temperatures this week speak of summer! Has it finally arrived, I wonder...?

Thank you SO much for stopping by and for all the kind comments you leave for me to wrap myself in when life has its uphill moments....

All the best,


  1. Helena, your home is
    just lovely and the way
    the light spills in is really

    xo Suzanne

  2. Hej!
    Vilken start på min dag att få "resa" genom ert vackra hem! Jag fullkomligt älskar matrummet med det vackra taket och magnifika dörrarna. Stilsäkert!
    Ha en bra dag!
    Kram Anna
    PS. Sommartemperaturer även i Skåne. Underbart!

  3. Hello Helena,
    I love the most photographed corners very well and I appreciate every photo! I love the IKEA sofas also very much, but my sofa is not somehow older. So light-flooded living room and your dining area looks really gorgeous. I would also like to emphasize our white wooden ceiling, but dare not.
    love greetings

  4. Takfönstren och dom vackra glasdörrarna ger matsalen ett väldigt fint ljus, och så är det ju så fint med takbjälkarna. Att få in ljuset i ett hus betyder mycket, du har ett underbart hem.

  5. Love your home!
    you can breathe an atmosphere so welcoming in it

  6. Och du har inte vilket ljus som helst. Utan även från ovan genom de härliga takfönstren. Köket/matrummet är så luftigt och ja, LJUST!!! Och vackert. Precis så man vill ha det.

    Ah.... så det har blivit en storebror i vita soffamiljen också :-)) Så snyggt. Och ljust. Läcker fjäriilskudde. En uns lila och voilá....

    Nämen vad säger du. Har ni sommarvibbar... Grattis!!! Och så skönt. Här har vi höstvibbar som heter duga. Not very funny. Blåser som sjutton gör det också. I dag är det soligt, men rejält blåsigt. Sitter inne och knåpar text. Hoppas solen stannar till helgen - vill ut i trädgården, fast det verkar bli jobb då också. Tur man är flexibel :-)))

    Stoooor kram till dig kära vän.


  7. Sunlight, it is the one thing we are in dire need of in this rain swept country of ours, which has led me to paint trough our house in the lightest shades. Your home looks as beautiful as ever Helena. I a sure when the sun peeks in she thinks 'ah what a lovely view,I shall stay around for a while'

  8. Love the beams and roof lights in your kitchen/diner! Can I ask - did you buy your vintage wash tub with the wooden top or did you have it made? Really love it!

    1. Dear Honor,

      Thank you for you kind words.

      I bought the wash tub on its own (it was painted a horrible brown at the time!), paint-stripped it and then used some left-over floor boards to make myself a table top. I am no expert carpenter, but this was a quick and easy job: I just sanded the floor boards a little, stuck them together with a strip of wood screwed in across underneath, drew a circle the size of the wash tub top (the outside measurements, of course) on a piece of paper, cut it out and used a jig saw to cut the circular table top from the wood.

      Hope this helps!

      Warm regards,

    2. I'm impressed - clever girl! Your house looks so interesting with all these well thought out bits and pieces that you don't see every day.

  9. Your house is so beautiful as is the beautiful natural colors lovely quiet just as it radiates the rest who must have every time I were enjoying your beautiful pictures ... Have a nice week ... dear greetings rosita

  10. beautiful home, a lot of windows...

  11. I love your know that......but is it always so tidy ??? from!!

  12. Huuuu, I just love your house! Keep the door good closed, else I'm going to move in *LoL*. I love the big windows and this gorgeous floor.
    Have a lovely day.

  13. Wonderfull, i love the light too!

  14. Beautiful rooms and colours and those doors are fantastic!

  15. Hej Helena,
    Du är inredningsproffset och dekoratören som får mitt hjärta att slå frivolter:)
    Kram och tack för alla fina bilder:)

  16. Hello Helena,

    I come quite often to visit your blog, I am just a big fan of your work... I really enjoy your style, your home, your humour, and beautiful Photos... I never left you a message before, but then I thought, why not, because it's not often that I like everything in a blog... I'm always exicted when I see a new post because it's always fresh and all new... I think through a blog we can really start to know a person, and I 'm sure you are a beautiful person... I'm french my name is Elsa, and here's my own blog, different but with my style : thanks a lot for all this beauty !!!! Best regards Elsa

  17. OH MY, Helena! Love, love, love your vardagsrum! En dröm jag har är att åka husbil genom England, se alla mysiga byar och städer. I vilken del av England bor du? Det ser så himla ljuvligt ut, allt du fotograferar!
    Kram och ha en underbar weekend!

  18. så snyggt.
    Ha en fin helg!

  19. Hur snyggt som helst! fina färger och vackra möbler..Kram

  20. Så fint, underbara bilder! Ha en bra vecka... /Carola

  21. dear helena,

    I am SO IN LOVE with your absolutely beautiful house! every time, you show your lightened dining room, your wonderful kitchen or your garden, - I`m mightily impressed by your style and your sense for colours and things.


  22. Så himla himla fint så det är tamejtusan helt sjukt! Värsta drömboendet. Älskar, förutom allt annat, lampan lite extra mycket.

  23. hello helena, what a beautiful blog and an amazing home! surely i`ll come back to have a look at your nice kind of living!
    if you like, come on for a visit to my blog...lovely greetings to you from germany near cologne...dornrös*chen...sleeping*beauty

  24. What a lovely home you live in!

  25. I can't ever image your home being a football book-covered, paper and pens-strewn, cereal-on-the-floor-going-crunch-under-your-feet- type of place. Your lampshade had my brain doing flips trying to remember paper cut artist Tord Boontje's name convinced he had to be a Swede if you owned at similar lampshade and after remembering his name 15 minutes later my attempt to be a Swedish factual know it all was dashed when I remembered he was actually Dutch!

  26. Your wood floors are to die for! I so would love them on the second floor of my home. Your entire home is oh so lovely.

  27. Darling Helena, your home is beautiful. I love it and the way you decorate your corners of tranquillity. Have a nice day

  28. Besides the beautiful images, your text is also very pleasant.
    Beautiful week to you! Hug,
    From: Brazil

  29. Dear Helena,
    Your compositions and colors are outstanding!

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