Monday, 5 November 2012

Lollipop love...

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 - It's very dead, isn't it? 

The man in the house nodded towards what used to be a delightful olive tree, but what had, for a long time, been a rather sad sight...

- A-hem...well...

Having for some time refused to accept the sad state of my beloved tree, I was trying to buy time, not sure where this conversation was going.

- Isn't it about time you bought a new olive tree, because that one is really not pretty...

This ought to be good news, as there was an actual suggestion for the introduction of another olive tree in the house, but as I was busy feeling quite defensive about the attack on my green friend's appearance and knowing fully well I would not be able to find a new one this time of the year, I was not singing and dancing.

- Don't throw it away! I have a plan...

Now, this is not the first time these words have crossed my lips, and they were met with no surprise, even if I think I may have caught, out of the corner of my eye, the man in the house rolling his eyes...


So, armed with a bag of fresh moss, I set to work... and now, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce my new friend, the Green Lollipop! 

(I used the "skeleton" of the old branches and twigs of the olive tree and simply stuffed it with moss. To "reinforce" the lollipop against attacks from various paper aeroplanes, I used some this green sewing thread, but most of it seemed to stay in place just with the help of the little twigs on the tree.)

On one of the side tables rests the result of another nature walk recently: a star made from fallen down twigs. Could I possibly be getting into the Christmas spirit already...???

The tea light holder on the other side table is still one of my favourites, even though I am sure it will not  appeal to everybody in its rusty, quirky glory: an old chimney cap (to protect birds from falling down the chimney) with a small votive dangling in a rusty chain..

Otherwise, nothing new in the dining area...

 Even the walnuts are last year's harvest...

The last image was captured from the car on my way to the forest. Beautiful old stone houses climbing the green hills... through my Swedish eyes a VERY English view indeed!

Wishing you a great start to the new week and hope you stay 
warm and safe from hurricanes and treacherous icy roads!



  1. I'm now looking at the branch that fell in the windstorm here with new eyes; perhaps it can be turned into a star...

    Your dining room is wonderful with the glorious windows and easy-to-live with tones. I could be happy in such a room.

  2. Lovely week darling...i really like your home always so nice decorated !!

  3. Vilket underbart rum! Och smart sätt att få liv i oliven igen ;-)

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  5. Genialt at lægge mos på oliven-træet, Helena! Mos er jo et fantastisk materiale, og det gør sig jo rigtig godt på denne måde. Me like! (Nu angrer jeg på at jeg kastede mit visne oliventræ for et par måneder siden...!) Vakre billeder - som sædvanlig! Tak for inspirationen. :)

    Er du forresten på Pinterest? Jeg har set nogle af dine billeder florere Pinterest, men har ikke helt fundet ud af om er efter aksept fra dig? Har veldig lyst til lænke billedet af mos-lolli-poppen op på min "Moss is beautiful"-board ( Men kun hvis det er ok med dig. Klem fra Ina

  6. Such loveliness all around. I'm going to be on the lookout for fallen twigs.

  7. Hi Helena, What a great idea to recycle the olive tree. Your green lollipop looks beautiful and fits very well in your lovely home.
    A adore the picture you took from the car. Sigh, this is just the kind of scenery and architecture I love.
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. You are such an inventive soul Helena,what great ideas and what a gorgeous village in the shot you have taken. I wouldn't mind living there at all!

  9. Love your floral arrangements
    This green lollipop is really nice

  10. Härliga bilder. Jag har precis hittat din sida, och jag är så förtjust redan.

  11. Love visiting your blog.
    So charming.

  12. i happen to think you are brilliant!!!!

    will give this a go as i have a few suspects about to succumb

  13. Hi Helena
    What a great idea! Your new "olive tree" looks gorgeous :o).
    Lovely photos again.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  14. Fiffigt!

    Å vilket fint golv ni har Åhhh...

  15. What a great space. Awesome pictures - also very nice in looking. So casual and relaxed! So nice to live in there! Very spacious too! :)

    Arrielle P

  16. Mr Lollipop looks like a darn handsome fellow indeed m'lady, I think you may start a trend. I'm dying to add a very small narrow moss coloured velvet ribbon under his chin though and proclaim Christmas open:)

  17. Ciao da oggi ti seguo anche io dall'Italia!!;)
    Un bacio e complimenti per il tuo blog!!

  18. 1-0 till dig, det gjorde du bra. Att
    förvandla ett dött olivträd till ett
    vackert mossbollsträd var smart. Ibland
    ska man tänka till innan man slänger.
    Så fin bild med nötterna i burken, har hänt
    att jag plockat hasselnötter och torkat, men
    dom blir pyttesmå.
    Ha det gott i novemberdiset
    Stor kram

  19. Hello

    I'm Fred from France.
    Je trouve tout tellement joli, j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance.
    Je m'inscris à la newsletter tout de suite.

    read you soon

  20. Beautiful blog e photo!!
    By by Elisa

  21. Hi Helena, thanks for sharing the cool photos of dining room. I'll rearrange mine like yiu.

  22. Hej! Vilket underbart rum! Ser ut genom glasdörrarna och tycker mig skymta ett fint rum där ute med. Jag har just hittat till din blogg och har nu mycket fint att titta på. Naturen du har runt omkring dig gör mig avundsjuk! Så vackert! Där skulle jag vilja promenera. Ha det gott!

  23. This was the first time for me to visit your Blog. Liked much of what you have posted. The living style is much like mine here on the shores of Lake Michigan. Very nice. Jack


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