Monday 17 December 2012

Advent calendar 17

Dear readers,
Here is a mini quiz for you...
What is the one thing you do not want to lose on the plane back from your work trip, with lots of things you need to do on the computer piled up for you to attack first thing Monday morning?

Yes, that's right, your computer glasses are exactly what you do not want to lose...

New ones should be ready tomorrow afternoon, and until then, I think I may as well devote my time to really important things... like making mini wreaths to dress some glass jars that may soon host some more "refined" Christmas flowers!

Thank you for all your lovely comments!
Computer-"blind" greetings,


  1. Riktigt illa att förlora sina datorglasögon! Usch, jag förstår din känsla av att treva dej fram!:) Hoppas att det löser sej för dej ....snart!!!

    Ljuvlig minikransar och "julblommor"!

  2. Så irriterande att bli av med datorglasögonen! Fast fina små kransar och granpyssel blev till oss förstås :)
    Kram Maria

  3. Hej fina Helena!

    Åh alltså du inspirerar sååå!
    Ljuvliga bilder och finfina tips = big LIKE :))


  4. thanks for your informations!!
    keep posting and happy blogging!


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