Thursday 6 December 2012

Advent calendar 6

"Well...", you might say, "how many cushions does one need...?" 
To that, my friends, my answer will always be: 
"You can never have too many!"

I know, I am probably borderline cushion-o-holic, but so be it, because when in my head I suddenly saw this spicy number, I just had to make it. Thinking (hoping) it can be used other seasons than just for Christmas, as I use cinnamon all year round, I set to work with some leftover fabric from a dress I hardly ever wore, bought for £ 3 some years ago in the sales, and which has previously served another cushion-y purpose you might remember from...:


So, there we are, the Swenglish cushion family keeps growing and 
has probably not seen its last family member yet...

Now, what else might one make on the theme of cinnamon, I wonder...
... time for some spicy pondering!

Warm regards to you all, dear readers!


  1. oh how funny. My hubby calles me "the cushion queen". No, you can NEVER have enough!!!!!
    Blessings, and happy cushion making,

  2. Hello, I am Margareth from Poland. I love Your cusions and I definately agree with You that one can never have too many things they love. So go on with this hobby and show us Your works:-) I would like to invite You to my blog , to my google company, and to those who are willing to write some comments. Here is the link

  3. Hello Helene here again what items bijgelezen always enjoy your wonderful pictures interior photos of your beautiful inside and out .... beautiful pillow that you can never have too much hahaha ... got plenty of seating to enjoy ... Wishing you a great week dear greetings Rosita

  4. Wowwwww Helena....your decoratings are wonderful again !! what you did with all the green apples....!!love from we have lots of snow in

  5. ....great - wanna look at mine ???

  6. Hello Helena, this morning I found your wonderful, so many beautiful pictures. I love England very much...maybe one day I will live there (hope I will win min. 1 Million Euros :-))))
    Have a nice day

  7. Lovely!
    I love your blog.
    Maybe you want we follow each other?

  8. Åh, vad jag tycker om dina kombinationer här med en vit bas och sen de mörkare naturfärgerna! Kudden är supersnygg och Cinnamon är ett så vackert namn! Mycket finare än kanel!:)


  9. I agree, you can never have too many cushions.
    I am rebuilding my cushion collection since our move to South America when my husband thought we should Throw/Give Things Away.
    Since then, I no longer listen to him.

  10. Hej Helena,

    Å nej, kuddar kan man inte ha för många av tycker ju jag förstås... kanhända att min garderob, där jag förvarar plädar, filtar, kuddar, täcken och även en och annan sovsäck, nog är av en helt annan åsikt. Det är verkligen superfullt där nu och jag får knycka till dörren snabbt som sjutton så den inte far upp igen, haha! Tur det finns lås på den dörren! ;))

    Din kanelkudde blev jättefin! Tänk vad bra det är med stuvbitar och gamla plagg. Det ser lite trixigt ut att sy bokstäverna och där hade förmodligen mitt tålamod brustit tror jag!

    Stor kram till dig!

  11. Hi Helena
    Uuuuh... I guess, we two should start a self-help group. I love cushions too and my hubby thinks we've got already too many. No way, that can't be :o).
    I love your cushions, they are beautiful.
    Have a cozy evening!


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