Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent calendar 8

Dear readers,
Today I am straying a little from the DIY Christmas tips and taking you on a short stroll in one of our much treasured neighbouring villages. Yes, you have seen it featured many times before here on my blog, but I just can't help myself - it is a very bloggable village! (Remember - if you would like to view the images better, and not strangely cropped, click on them.)

I am of course talking about Lacock, where Christmas wreaths now adorn the already beautiful old doors and where I never tire of strolling up and down the old streets, breathing in the history of each building stone and every little corner of loveliness...

If you ever find yourself here in Lacock, you simply have to go for a Cream Tea at King John's Hunting Lodge, a k a "Tearoom & Garden" above, where part of the building stems from the days of King John, i e the 13th century! Indoor cosiness by the fire and with a typical English dresser full of blue and white china and yummy cakes, and in the summer, outdoor seating in the gorgeous English cottage garden.

Love the moss-clad little roof above the entrance to the bakery! 

The tiny village shop in Christmas costume too...

Wishing you all a lovely Saturday!
Tomorrow, I will be back with another small craft tip for the festive season.


  1. What a beautiful town, I want to go there now! So pretty and your photos are fantastic! Thank you for sharing.


  2. What a beatiful and cosy little town =) And you have a great blog. Have a nice day. / Browneyedgirl

  3. You do indeed live in a very bloggable village! These photos are full of charm.

  4. Helena,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pics...hope I can visit your part of the world one day. will be back soon to see what other christmas goodness you are photographing!

  5. I have visited Lacock it is very special - how lucky to be a resident! your daily posts are wonderful - there will be a big empty space in my morning routine of cup of tea/blog catch up when they end!

  6. Så fina dagliga inlägg du gör, älskar kudden
    i lucka fem. Och dagens lucka med venna vackra
    julpyntade by är helt underbar.
    Tack för alla vackra bilder
    Önskar dig en fin andra advent

  7. Så vackert du har i omgivningen! Alltid när du visar bilder från ditt närliggande, är det som att se bilder från en saga! Jag tycker så mycket om dessa gamla hus med sina dörrar och fönster!
    Ha en härlig andra advent!

  8. How lovely, it looks wonderful!!

    Happy weekend Helena! Many hugs, Ingrid

  9. How incredibly charming! Thanks for sharing these photos of your lovely village.

  10. Ciao Helena, sono una ragazza italiana e sono rimasta affascinata dal tuo bellissimo blog...I'm sorry but I don't speak english, sorry...le immagini sono stupende, io adoro la zona dove vivi e spero un giorno di poterla visitare!Mi farà piacere se vorrai visitare il mio blog e scrivermi...Kiss!SERENA

  11. You are lucky to live in such a lovely part of the country! Looks so Christmas-y.

  12. What a lovely village! And what a lovely blog! I'll add your blog to my blog list immediately :-) I'm Danish and recently made a blog myself. - It's not as beautiful as yours - but I'm practising, and your blog is an inspiration :-)

  13. Oh Helena, you live in such an enchanted place. It is wonderfully lovely all year but especially at Christmas.

  14. Lacock is so nice! And King John´s Hunting Lodge is a place to enjoy... Cream tea and very good cakes, a nice garden - we liked it. And we enjoy watching "Pride and prejudice" (the BBC-Version with Colin Firth) - some parts were filmed in Lacock...
    Helena, how is the weather in England? Germany is fully covered with snow!!

  15. This village is always so magical, but now more than ever...
    Thank you for show us!

  16. that`s absolutely gorgeous! wanna make holidays THERE !!!!


  17. Så det finns så där myspysiga små byar på riktigt alltså?!

    Härlig kalender du bjuder på, med alldeles fantastiska bilder, Klem Anna

  18. Thank you for sharing this village with us. This truly is what I think of when I think of small town life in England. The type of place I could live. :-)


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