Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring signs in Castle Combe...

Our sunny walk last Sunday, described in my last post, ended up in one of my favourite villages around here, in postcard perfect Castle Combe (I have posted MANY photos from here before, please look under Castle Combe in Categories in the column to the right).

Every time I stroll up and down the main road here, I admire and envy the ancient doors, the stonework, the many not so straight angles...

On weekends, visitors from near and far come to enjoy the beauty of this little gem, and what could be nicer than to "hang out" by the old market place, perhaps sipping a drink of one's choice, lapping up the sun...

The swans seemed to enjoy the tentative signs of spring too...

The beautiful cemetery offering its long-term guests a little floral feast...

And here they are, my boys, still in winter coats and hats, as the air was still a little chilly...

And yes, this may perhaps be a pot that is not particularly spectacular at first glance, but its colour explosion, lovely tulip buds and the fact that the little petal ensemble is in the Swedish colours, well, I think these are valid reasons for a little spring-y Swenglish cheer!

Next time I think I might introduce you to a couple of new members of the Swenglish cushion family. Think peacefully purple...

Wishing you a lovely and colourful weekend!


  1. Din Sverige kruka är jättefin, vilken
    härlig blå färg, precis som i flaggan.
    Byn du besökte är en pärla, dina foton
    är så fina.

  2. Dear Helena,

    wonderful pictures - just amazing houses. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. The first picture is lovely, Helena - it epitomises Spring! The houses by you are so lovely - I have a friend I visit in Oxfordshire, and it has a similar look. Hopefully all your boys can be taking off their winter coats soon! Have a good weekend. abby x

  4. Härligt med vår! Vi har haft en solig dag men värmen är inte här än. Vi måste nog vänta en månad till. Fina bilder! Hoppas att du också har en Finland-kruka någonstans i dina gömmor... ;-)

    Sari från Puumuli

  5. Sigh, vad fina bilder! It is dreadfully cold, dreadfully white and dreadfully unmotivating here in Finland. Not even a delicate whisper of spring in the air, just more and more snow.

    Fantastic to create a spring feel in the heart with these pictures though.

    xx Nina

  6. Castle Combe is so pretty, and it looks like you were lucky with the local weather too. It's now foggy. Your photographs are wonderful, as always. Minerva ~

  7. Lovely that spring has come that far.
    Thanks for sharing the Castle Comb delights - reaffirms my longing for England...

    Here, the same spring flowers are keeping our hopes up, nestled in divers pots and containers indoors. Temperature just took a deep plunge, after teasing us whith something reminiscent of warmth!

    Didn't someone write 'Surely it hurts for buds to burst - why else would spring hesitate...'?

    Lucky you! :)
    Ingela/ Fridhemspinglan

  8. Ljuvligt och tänk såå många veckor före oss här i Sverige ni är...fantastiskt med vårlökar som blommar!!

    Ha det gott goa Helena!!
    Kram Sanne

  9. Lovely pictures of Castle Combe......adore Cotswold stone. Love the Spring flowers in Swedish colours!

    Have a lovely weekend too.....


  10. Hej Helena!

    Kan bara inte motstå att dregla lite över Castle Combe-bilderna här och inlägget nedanför. Gör absolut ingenting att du visat bilder därifrån tidigare. Det är ju sååå vackert! Love love love de gamla sneda stenhusen som har sååå mycket karaktär och historia! Tänk om jag finge gå in i varenda hus och kika runt och föreställa mig hur det skulle vara att bo i ett av dom. Man skulle förmodligen få bända loss mig för att få ut mig därifrån sen! Fniss ;))

    Önskar dig en härlig helg i vårsolen!
    Kram Sanna

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