Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lollipops, lucky clover and a surprise little black number...

Just outside our double doors to the garden, there is a small patio between the house and the steps that lead into the actual garden. If you have visited my blog before, you will have seen this little corner of my world a lot, as this is an area that changes with the seasons throughout the year.

With the baskets of pansies looking less than... well, less than alive, shall we say, after my visit to Sweden (when they were left without the tender love and care they crave), it was time to invite some new players to the team...

Can you see all the four-leaf clovers in this beautifully coloured clover-y plant? I look forward to many lucky moments in my life over the next few years, if this is a sign to go by! And my new lollipop mini-trees - what is it about me and my lollipop trees? I can't seem to get enough of them. They are just so... cheerful!

For the second time in my life, "a little black number" has found its way into my decorating. Or two little black numbers to be precise, both old terracotta pots that had a close encounter with a jet black paint brush the other night... The greens of the clover and the other fluffy green loveliness seemed to demand to be offset by a black pot, and I obeyed, of course.

And my dear Buddha seems to have survived last winter without any cracks or blemishes, and sits on his special spot on the steps, spreading vibes of serenity and calm to anyone walking past.

Cluttered with pots? Perhaps. But as our neighbours have recently cut down all the bushes and blackberry branches that used to form a little roof over this seating area and offer a leafy feel to the place, as well as covering some of the not so pretty parts of the old wall, well, this abundance of green and purple eye candy works for me!

Today the winds reign here in Wiltshire. Everywhere I see people muttering and mumbling as they pull their coats tighter around their sun-longing torsos. The sky shows very little promise of anything that does not involve wet and damp, but I will cling on to the hope that we will have more of those lovely temperatures that only a few days ago spoke of summer and planted sunshine in our hearts and in freckles on our noses...

May the sun be with you, in heart and happy freckles!


  1. lovely! like the butterfly on the pillow :)

    hugs, nora

  2. Dear Helena,
    lovely photos as always ;-) I hope the clover will really bring a lot of luck to you and your family. In Germany we get these little plants on the 31rd of December to bring luck to the new year. We took one of them and planted it into our garden - it survived...
    The winds wich where in Wiltshire today have now reached the south-western part of Germany, but they say that tomorrow will be a calm and warm day. Next week the temperature shall rise to 32 Celsius! Summer - here it comes!

  3. Underbara bilder som vanligt. Ser att det smyger in lite svart som är min favorit färg.

    Kram Anna

  4. Helena,
    I think the pots look wonderful in their 'little black' coats. Topiary are a personal favorite of mine too. This looks like a great place for a cup of tea.
    xo, Lissy

  5. Vackert vackert! Din klöver ser så fin ut. Jag köpte en för ett par dagar sedan men den ser mest platt och konstig ut tycker jag. Hoppas att den snart "fluffar" till sig ;)
    Kram Maria

  6. Å, så VAKKERT, Helena! Alltid like inspirerende og koselig å titte innom her.

    Ha en strålende uke! Snart sommer *juhu*

  7. Wonderful pics!I love your garden!Beautiful pillow with the butterfly.
    Hugs from Italy,

  8. Hi Helena
    I love your patio! You always decorate it so beautifully. I wish I had such a wall too in my garden. Have a great Sunday!
    Take care
    x Alex

  9. Hi....Thought I would come by, visit and let you know of a giveaway for a gift certificate to the opening of my new Etsy shop: Daisy Pink Wish.....if you have time, please stop by......would love to see you enter!

  10. Du är så duktig på att kombinera färger och former till vackra stilleben! Jag får jättemycket inspiration till trädgård och inredning från dina bilder.

    Du kanske redan känner till danske trädgårdsfantasten Claus Dalby? Jag har precis 'upptäckt honom' , och har legat och sträcktittat på hans trädgårdsvideor när jag hade influensa. Sagilikt vackert! men så har han ett antal kvadratmeter att jobba på. Och en annan budget än vi vanliga dödliga...

    Om du inte redan har hittat honom, så har du länken här:

    somriga hälsningar, 'Fridhemspinglan'

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