Thursday 24 April 2014

Trashy treasures and a woolly welcome...

Dearest blog readers,
Would you let me hug you, please? 
Hold you tight for a minute and tell you how lovely you are and how touched I was 
by your kind words after my modest blog come-back two weeks ago? 
I struggle to find the right words to describe how you made me feel. 
I feel I ought to say something profound and yet all that comes to mind, 
over and over again, is "you made my day". 
You. Made. My. Day.

During my blog silence, one of the things that kept me busy was moving in to this little 18th-century cottage, in a tiny hamlet a few minutes away from the "old" Swenglish Home. Full of good vibes, history, lady birds and spiders (!), this is a home where my compact living skills will be tested again and again...

However, my nose for recycling and turning trash into treasure has already proven intact, for example when I spotted these two rattan chairs being thrown away at the local recycling centre. "Stop, hold on! Surely you are not throwing those away?!" I bellowed at the men unloading the contents of their lorry into the skip. "Want them? They're yours!" they bellowed back, raising one or two eyebrows at the beaming Swede embracing their rubbish with such joy. Perhaps not my dream garden chairs, but they were free and they have already proven to be splendid seats for lunches in the sun.

The observant among you may have noticed that there seem to be two front doors to this little aged beauty. This is indeed true. In the old days, this used to be two cottages and as I sweat and fret over lack of storage space, I think of what it must have been like living here in those days, in only half of the cottage, and instantly I feel really blessed and grateful for the space that I have got!

The front door to the left in the photo above leads straight into the kitchen. This is a kitchen that, in the mouth of an over-eager estate agent might be described as "bijou", but which we all would know means "so tiny you can barely turn around". But do you know what? It also comes with this view:

 ... and that makes even washing up (my least favourite household chore) a joy!

And just like my woolly neighbour welcomed me into my new home,
let me welcome you to
 "The New Swenglish Home Blog"!



  1. Oh how wonderful, such a nice view. I used to have a great view from the sink in the last house... 25 acres and many native animals and birds. I could wash up and watch the birds bathing. Have just moved 2 hours south to a small town, we now live walking distance to shops and cafes! However the view is not as nice just grass and large noisy parrot birds. We moved from a tiny house, but we had lots of outside, to a house easily twice the size but not so well designed so finding room for things is a battle. Sometimes tiny places work because they have to, things have their place. Good luck and it looks so delightful.

  2. Wonderful view! The new cottage sounds charming-or it will be with all of your finds. We are glad you are back!
    xo, Lissy

  3. Oh my goodness, this cottage looks wonderful! I hope you'll share all the nooks and crannies with us. I'm infatuated with small, charming spaces. The view from the kitchen is just lovely.

  4. My husband and I are beginning to contemplate downsizing in the next few years so I'll be watching this blog closely to see how it's done––charmingly, I have no doubt! You've been missed!

  5. It is really sad when WONDERFUL blogs such as yours fall silent......I am over-joyed to see your return and long for each and every post. Enjoy your new home, it looks delightful!!!!!

  6. Your new cottage is charming...a dream really. There is nothing to be found like it here in America. I adored your other home but this is like straight out of a movie and I know, I KNOW, you will make it the sweetest thing this side of heaven. So happy to have you back! xxo Kerrie

  7. The cottage seems full of charm . You will give it your soul and things will be fine as always...Good job with the chairs! Wellcome back!

  8. Oh das ist wunderbar,so ein schöner Platz,und ein Haus voller Überraschung.
    Ich bin schon sehr neugierig wie es weiter geht.
    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich.Edith.

  9. it's lovely to catch up with you again. Your new home looks so sweet, I really look forward to seeing more inside and how you make it a home as I love your style - perfect! Best wishes, Elizabeth

  10. Vackert som i en film. Hoppas du kommer att trivas och fortsätta blogga fast det blåst andra vindar.
    Kram Luna

  11. I am so happy you are back again. It's always a pleasure to read your blog. You are living in a wonderful house now (but the old Swenglish home was also a beauty), I hope it will bring you a lot of happiness!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  12. Blessings in your new home, it's so very pretty. I would love to wash up whilst watching sheep!
    Hope you will have lots of happiness. Betty

  13. Dear's so are back in Bloggerland...what a wonderful cottage!!! Hope to see more and more about this peaceful must be happy to live there.

    Sending hugs from Germany, Ulrike

  14. Hello Helena, it's so nice to see you again :)). I love your blog and you make me miss England so much :) I lived in the Wiltshire area and I have fallen in love in such lovely cottages, it looks like heaven! :). Warm regards and I look forward to see more beautiful pictures of this lovely treasure :).
    Take care, lots of hugs :) xxx

  15. Vilket otroligt rart litet hus! Som ett litet sagohus! Jag kan tro att du kommer att rumstera om där, med din fantastiska förmåga! Stolarna är jättefina, vilken tur du hade!
    Lycka till med ditt nya boende!

  16. Helena. Love your new house. And the patio chairs look great. Shame on those people dumping them.
    Does not matter what size your kitchen is with that view.

  17. Such a pretty pretty house you have, and the garden looks love also.

  18. Du har det så fint! Och det var konstigt tomt när du inte skrev. Dina foton är så fina, hoppas det är ok att låna om man frågar? Bara som coverfoto på Facebook eller så. Går det bra? Ditt namn syns tydligt förstås. Kram /. Catarina i Grekland

    1. Hej Catarinah, och tack för dina snälla ord!

      Jag uppskattar att du frågar om du får låna mina foton. Det går bra så länge namnet syns, vilket du säger att det gör. Du får gärna sända mig ett mail med länk till de ställen du använder mina foton på.

      Må så gott och än en gång tack för dina rara ord!

  19. Its so good to see one of my favorite blogger writing again.. I cant wait to see what you are going to do with this great looking cottage in the coming days...

  20. Malin James Dufvenhed25 April 2014 at 13:42

    Härligt att du är tillbaka! Ser fram emot att få följa och inspireras av din fortsatta resa med detta lilla söta hus! Utrymme i all ära - men det är lättare att få till den mysiga känslan när det är mindre tycker jag

  21. I had missed your posts, and your beautiful photographs. Best wishes as you settle in to your lovely "new" cottage - it is gorgeous.

  22. What a beautiful cottage you have! Full of charm :-) I love it :-) Can't wait to see more :-) :-) :-)

    Have a lovely evening :-)

  23. So glad to be able to follow your wonderful blogs, I do feel sad to look at your old Swenglish home and realize that you do not live there anymore. But humans are amazing, we can adapt to new situations and make the best of it. The main thing is happiness for our selves and family.
    Take care and again so glad you are back.
    Agneta in Arizona

  24. Hvor ser det dejligt ud dit nye cottage..lidt fransk synes jeg det ligner..:-)
    Bliver spændende at følge med i det nye hus..:-)

    Kram fra Lisbeth

  25. Hej!
    Ett sån söt "cottage"! Ser fram emot att följa med längs nya stigar här på din vackra blogg!
    Kram Anna i Skåne

  26. Det ser fantastisk ud - rigtig meget held og lykke.

  27. Your new home looks like a most cosy place to live in - beautiful stone walls, gravel and ivy all around the house and charming neighbours. I can´t wait to see more!
    Have a nice weekend!

  28. Ditt nya hem ser ut som ett drömhem. Helt underbart vackert. Jag skulle byta närsom trots spindlar
    Härligt att du är tillbaka
    Kram anna

  29. Förstår att det hänt saker i ditt liv, skönt och
    höra att du har det bra. Och ett jättefint nytt
    hus, det ser så mysigt och sådär härligt lantligt
    engelskt ut. Stor kram till dig vännen

  30. Helena !! looks like a dream home for me.....!!! that cottage !!....i am very curious about the inside darling...welcome back again !! i am so glad you did....lovely weekend Ria...x !

  31. Your "new" cottage is absolutely darling. I love the view from your window, the area in front of the house to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. I can't wait to see what you'll do inside!

  32. Hi Helena
    That place looks like out of "Escape to the Country" and I'm sure you will turn it into paradise. I hope the winds of change have slowed down and that happiness will turn back to you and your new home. You just deserve it. The view from your kitchen windows is heart warming. Take care and have a lovely Sunday.
    x Alex

  33. Helena,
    let me tell you how I love your blog!
    I am really looking forward to your posts now and in future.
    Your little cottage is sooo beautiful!
    I love the image with the sheep and window.
    Have a great sunday,
    Best, Brigitte

  34. Congratulations for the new house, it´s beautiful!

  35. What a beautiful little place, so glad your back you have been missed xx

  36. Hello Helena, nice of you to read.
    beautiful photos once again!

    Rosine ♥♥♥

  37. Oh I long to live I. A home of stone beauty, your pathways of pea gravel and the European charm, why oh why? Can I not find my dream home like this.
    Would love to see the charm of the inside as well.

    Just beautifully full of inspiring dreams.
    Blessings to you


  38. Congratulations on your new move! Your cottage is adorable! Not that long ago I salvaged an old ladder about to be tossed at the reclamation center. I have no idea what I'll do with it one day, but love the looks of it... xo

  39. I really like your blog! What a beautiful house !

  40. Största varmaste kramen till dig kära vän.♥

    Ta hand om dig och jag är glad att du är tillbaka i bloggvärlden igen. Du har varit saknad.

    Kram på dig

  41. Thanks for the hug , it is been a long time since someone hug me cause i am really busy looking for an potential customer as an real estate agent.Well i agree that you have a nice blog.

  42. Oh Helena, I seemed to have missed your last post of a couple of weeks ago so have just been catching up.

    Welcome back!

    Your new home looks utterly adorable. I have a penchant for small houses and cottages and even though I loved your old home, well this .... I'm swooning with anticipation of the delights to come!

    I do hope all is OK with you.


  43. Your cottage is a beauty, Helena, and I know it will blossom under your creativity and care. I hope you find much peace and happiness in your new home.


  44. What a stunning view Helena. Gazing out of your window on a beautiful Spring day to see Number 41 merrily grazing on lush green carpets glistening with morning dew, what a treat! The cottage looks so pretty and has a very happy aura about it. The horseshoe is also up the right way, that's always a great start.
    Paul x

  45. Sooooooooooooo schön. Liebe Grüße aus Österreich Eveline

  46. I discovered your beautiful blog this morning over coffee. Lovely, lovely, thank you for making it available!!


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