Monday 23 June 2014

Why I think I might start drumming...

Every now and then I hear other parents tell me - not seldom without a poorly hidden despondency in their voices - that they have just bought a drum kit for their child, because said child really, really wants to become a drummer...

I have often wondered how I would react if one of my boys presented this idea to me...

Glorious, GLORIOUS part of this home, housing the indoor swimming pool.

I am not sure I would jump up and down with joy... 
I think I would rather spend the rest of the day trying to convince them that the instruments 
they are already playing are SO much better for them, for so many reasons... 
Noise level being one of them... 


... having today fallen completely and irrevocably in love with this 
stunning house and its equally stunning gardens...

 I am beginning to think that this drumming business is not such a bad idea after all...

If this is what Nick Mason, former drummer in Pink Floyd, is able to call home (one of his homes) today 
(and yes, this is his home, on the outskirts of our little town)...

... I think my view of my boys potentially choosing a drumming career might just have changed dramatically...

In fact, I think I might give it a go myself!!!

Summer greetings to you all!


  1. I'd take up drumming, too, if I could have a charmer of a house like this one. I love the pink rose climbing beside the door. That could happen even without a drumming career.

  2. Yes, why not? ; ) A lovely home!

  3. Good heavens its a beautiful home. My cup of tea. My hubby is a huge Pink Floyd fan and he even took me to one of their concerts back when we were dating in the Bay Area. It was amazing. We have a few garage youth drummers in our neighborhood and they are quite very loud! My son was the lead screamer of a band for a short two years and they practiced for a few months in our garage but we did not let them play too loud and only for an hour at a time as to not blow the neighbors out.

  4. Haha ... my hubby is such a former drummer boy :o).His parents must have suffered a lot, but he is still playing the drum ... but we haven't got such a dream home as you showed above. Maybe it is because my hubby drums as hobby not as profession. Maybe I should tell him, to change that fact *LoL*.
    Take care, drummer lady

  5. Ohhh...this house is wonderful. I think I would prefer silence ;-).

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  6. Fantastisk sjarmerende & nydelig ♡
    Jeg har alltid hatt en drøm om å bo i
    et gammel murhus/ slott/ steinhus ♡
    - så vakkert ♡ ♡ ♡ Takk for alltid så
    fine bilder og inspirasjon, Helena
    Klem fra Mette

  7. Underbara foton! Vilket ställe! Vi är nyss hemkomna från en vecka i Sussex. Så många vackra hus och trädgårdar att beskåda. Englands landsbygd är svårslagen!
    Kram Anna i Skåne

  8. Love this home...wowwwww.....enjoy summer from me !

  9. All is so nice ! I would like this house, this car and this pool, this garden ... I'm not difficult ! Christine

  10. My top tip Helena, is to get them a 'silent' drum kit… was a godsend when my youngest son was learning! Beautiful house…..

    Sophia x

  11. Dieses Haus sieht wunderbar und hat seinen einzigartigen Charakter wie ein Märchen :)

  12. Hei Helena! Elsker bloggen din, den er så vakker!!!! Skal til Cornwall en måned med mann g sønn på 9 år. Hva er det vi MÅ få med oss? Tar i mot tips med takk. Mvh Hilde fra Norge.

  13. You did a great jobs on your curb appeal, I have to get started on redoing my walk way and garden area,! Thanks for the post great motivation.
    Best Decoration Style on Miniature Garden

  14. Oh, dear Helena, I'm with you, I'm in love too! This house is realy very special! Thank you for the pictures!
    Happy days and all my best from Austria

  15. Hand that lady a pair of cymbals pronto!
    To think what my poor parents had to put up with when I went from Recorder to Violin, Violin to Drums, Drums to Trumpet and then Trumpet to Piano.
    I was awful. I blame Dick Van Dyke and his one man band in Mary Poppins.
    Happy weekend.
    Paul ;)

  16. I showed this to my husband and he knew wo it was from the first photo! He said the car gave it away. What a fabulous place - and very Monet esque garden. How come you got to snoop around!! xx

  17. That is a beautiful home, Helena, and large enough for Nick Mason to have a private, soundproof area for his drum kit. Try not to frighten your boys with the noise/music you create as you practise for your new career. :)

    Have a lovely week.


  18. Such a big Pink Floyed fan, infact I have the wall CD in my car right now! My daughter has all the music down loaded in her Iphone and we listen often. There is just something so moving, strangely moving about their music.
    This house is amazing, not so pretentious, yet so relatable. A dream home of sorts, I could so move into this home in a heart beat. Thank you for the drum lesson here, as for drumming I too would drum or drum up a way to move into this home.

    The fish fountain off the garden wall is so decoratively inspiring.

    Thank you, I am your new follower who has added you to my side bar of blogs that inspire the best.



  19. Very beautiful house and gardens. I so appreciate the share, especially since my husband and I have always loved Pink Floyd. Looking forward to their new release in October, waited two decades for it.
    Love your blog, photography and your topics. I am a new follower.

  20. Your blog stirs my imagination up every time I come across your lovely posts!

  21. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

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  23. Haha, du är så underbar! Dina texter, du är grym på att skriva :-) Och vilket hus! Och du, tack snälla du för dina fina ord på min sida. Det värmer så otroligt mycket i hjärtat <3

  24. Lovely place!

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