Wednesday 5 November 2014

A sneak peak...

Dearest blog readers,
A quick hello from the land of dormant blogs...
Thank you so much for all of your lovely greetings, both here and in emails 
- you have really touched me with your kindness!
Many of you have also asked to see the inside of my new home.
So perhaps it is time for a little sneak peak...?

Yes, there is an inside to this little cottage. 
A work in progress, you might say. 
An interior that is yet to be Helenafied, or Swenglified. 
For this I need a creative mind to outwit the challenges of compact living, 
a eureka moment about how to live with carpets e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e, 
and the time and the head space to realise the ideas as they come to me.
But I think I might get there in the end.
Even if slowly.
The potential is there.
The good vibes.
The friendly house elfs.
Together, we will create...

The walls look a strange shade of greeny-yellow here, but they are in fact white. See the strange and not at all straight line at the top of the first photo above? Yes, that is indeed where the wall meets the ceiling. Visitors taller than 1,87 m may think twice about coming for tea... Compact living? Oh yes. Bijou at its bijouiest...

Wishing you the loveliest of weeks!


  1. I can see that it is already really yours- with your touch! If you don't pressure yourself, I'm sure the ideas will just evolve naturally.

    I have a set of similar keys hanging at the front of my door from a friend in our old city before we moved into this house eight years ago. Unfortunately those are not the keys that go missing (if I don't put them on the hook, I am always looking for my car keys!)


  2. God morgon från Skåne!
    Så vackert du har det! Sneda väggar känner vi igen, bor i en gammal smedja i södra Skåne med bjälkar och gamla stenväggar. Ditt vardagsrumsbord är som ett smycke! Jag älskar Indien och det ger klara Indien vibbar. Din stenvägg är alldeles förtjusande också. Tack för att du tog oss med in i din underbara "cottage"!
    Kram Anna

  3. Also in this little house you have your own style, it's so recognizable. Funny that the ceiling is so low, my husband would have 0,04 of it, for a cup of tea ;-).

    Nice to hear from you again! Hugs, Ingrid

  4. so viele wunderschöne inspirationen!!! viele grüße von angie aus dem heute verregneten deutschland, aber wir haben die sonne im herzen!!

  5. Ett efterlängtat inlägg från ditt lilla hus!
    Åh, så roligt att få se, och jag ser ju att du har din hand med överallt och såååå vackert du har fått till det!
    Lågt i tak? Jo, det kan jag tro, och compact living dessutom - en kreativ person som du löser det på bästa sätt! Hade själv mycket lågt i tak i mitt förra hyrda hus, så jag vet hur det är! Du får bara umgås med kortväxta personer!
    Allt gott önskar jag dej i ditt rara lilla hus!

  6. It will - after being Swenglified and Helenafied all over- be a charming place, no doubt about that, your living room is cosy allready! The cottage seems to be really ancient, with low ceilings and those stone-walls? What a task! As we still are renovating on that old cottage, I can quite imagine, that it takes its time.... Waiting for ideas and solutions.
    Thanks for the sneak peak!

  7. I also think that the room has your personal touch already :). And I love it :). Having dark house inside and lack of beautiful light I know how challenging it is to take a photo. My walls look the same yellow-ish, despite being pure white :)).
    Have a lovely day, it is always nice to see a new post on your blog :). Lots of hugs and I hope the good winds still keep you company :) xxx

  8. I love the look, understated elegance with rustic charm and oh so serene, beautiful!
    I wish you every happiness there. xxx

  9. How wonderful to see your post. I wish you all things good and hope that you will be posting again soon. If not, that's OK too. Be well.

  10. Helena...i really like your little cottage...from inside and outside....glad to read a post of from me Ria...x!

  11. So nice to see your pictures, My first thought was I love that wallcolour, interesting how it can change in the light. also really like those pillows in the coach. very tasteful and stylish.
    Hope to see more of your new decorating.
    Thank you so much
    Agneta in Arizona

  12. Very beautiful and cozy. And already looks like you! I've so missed your blog, so when this popped up in my feed it was a lovely surprise. We are thinking of downsizing not too many years from now, so I'll watch with great interest as you learn to live in a smaller space. I can think of many good things about it already.

  13. Helena, great to have you back to the world of blogging! Love love love that hat lamp. Did you make it? Aloha from Hawaii!

  14. Äntligen!! Ett livstecken!
    SOM vi har väntat! ;-)
    Alltid lika fint hos dig Helena, vare sig du bor i en "cottage" eller slott!
    Längtar redan till nästa inlägg.
    Härligt att ha dig tillbaka!
    Varma kramar!

  15. Helena,
    It's wonderful, and inspires a rustic ness about your elegance.
    Love the candelabra, the lamp, and that stone wall? I need to see more of that, it's amazing, and love the vibe. I know what you mean about getting use to carpets, I finally tore up mine and planked it with a good material that will help the selling aspect of this tiny cottage.

    Looking forward to your next posting, don't make us wait so long next time. :)

    See you soon,
    Let all of what November offers you inspire the best from you.


  16. so lovely to see you back! I love this room - cosy and elegant.
    Annie x

  17. Helena, your new home looks so cozy. Looking forward to seeing more of it! I tried to convert meters to feet ... if I'm correct, the ceiling is less than 6 feet 2 inches high, is that correct? My husband is 6 ft. 1 inch tall, so he'd barely fit!

  18. Happy to see you back. I wasn't aware that you had moved but am looking forward to seeing pics of your new home! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  19. Helena like you I have been away from Blogland for a bit (busy on the farm this summer). When did you move? Are you still in England? Your new home looks very cozy and I look forward to seeing it blossom and grow.


  20. Härligt att höra ifrån dig. Hoppas allt är bra med dig. Du har varit saknad på bloggen. Vad mysigt du har fått i ditt lilla hus.

    Kram Linda

  21. Loving the bowler hat lamp and the stone wall - such a cozy space!! Welcome to your new home :)

  22. Vad trevligt att du är tillbaka! Härlig inredning med alla dessa levande ljus, det är ju väldigt svenskt!

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  24. I discover your blog today and it's so beautiful.
    I really hope you will be back very soon !

  25. Hi! where did you purchase your rustic wooden flooring from? I'm moving out of my parents home, I've saved up enough, and I'm lost to where to buy good decent quality flooring, ikea doesn't quite do it for me unfortunately. I've been scouring the net and can't seem to find flooring that I see on tumblr and bogs like this, so i'd be awfully grateful if you could get back to me or help me out with flooring shop suggestions

  26. hello dear helena. I live in Konya Turkey. I follow with appreciation blog. greetings

  27. Please post an update! I've missed your blog so much and am eager to see how you've beautified your new place!

  28. una pena muy grande q desde hace casi dos años no publicas nada pq tienes un blog precioso

  29. Thanks for this article, loads of cool ideas for people to design their home. It is so nice having a cozy home and getting in and on the switching Cincy

  30. Belas as imagens.
    Adorei conhecer o blog.

  31. Belas as imagens.
    Adorei conhecer o blog.

  32. Please come back to blogging! I really enjoyed your posts and still stop by to see if you found time and energy to share your lovely pictures.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    Best Wishes, Sunniva


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