Monday 5 June 2017

What's for dinner..?

Oh dear. Not much, by the looks of it... ☺ 

But this is where dinner happens, when it happens. Prepared in the tiny kitchen at the back of the house, it is carried through a small "passage" and gobbled up at this Ebay bargain oak dining table. 

On one side an IKEA bench, reasonably comfortable for a long meal with friends, and on the other side, oh-so-uncomfortable plastic stools. As this space is quite small, I prefer to have small stools rather than space-craving chairs, but for the sake of my family and friends, I hope I will soon find some more comfortable ones!

I do have a penchant for small bird details on kitchenware... (This bowl is a recent find at IKEA.)

The quarry-tiled floor in the dining room I believe is the original floor in this old worker's cottage and dates back more than a century. When I came across this old and rusty (army?) barrel, I thought it would make a nice side table to match the slightly "rougher" look of this room. An old floorboard, a jigsaw and a few pearls of sweat later, a table top was born and now hosts my bowl of proud orchids.

So, there we are, a small tour of my small dining room. 
Now, time to start thinking about what to cook tonight! 

All the best,


  1. just interrupted me during thinking about what is for dinner at our home :O))
    I love your styling!
    Dear Helena,
    have a good time,

  2. I love it.....glad you blog again....i miss you from me happy new week x Ria

  3. Glad to see you back and love the dining room and the fact you can't see the kitchen, so you don't have to worry too much about the mess left after cooking. So neat and tidy, Love it.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and yes, sometimes having the kitchen separate is a good thing, especially if you are a blogger... :-) xx

  4. What a charming space. I love the original floor and the white walls. Everything looks so clean and fresh.
    xo, lissy

    1. Thank you so much Lissy! Yes, I am also fond of the floor, even if it is not the easiest to keep clean and it is freezing to stand on in the winter... But being a girl of "form before function", I can live with that... ;-) xx

  5. Så roligt att få se lite från ditt hem igen! Så fint här också och jag är övertygad om att du alltid får till det så att allt blir estetiskt och inbjudande! Önskar dej en skön junidag! Kramar

    1. Tack goa Lisa, det var en fin komplimang som jag inte riktigt vet om jag kan leva upp till. Men tack! Kan vi vara överens om att vi inte kikar på röran i mina förråd...? :-) Kramar till dig!

  6. Happy to read your post...I think it's a very good place for dinner.

    With love, Ingrid

  7. Hej!
    Jag vill börja med att säga att det är så kul att du är tillbaka i bloggvärlden igen!
    Du har det så fint hemma, och visst är det fint med små oväntade detaljer som en liten fågel på skålar och annat. Själv älskar jag allt med ett litet bi eller en vacker geting på. Trollsländor är också underbara att ha som detalj.

    Kram och ha en fin helg!

    Anneli i Dalarna

  8. Dear Helena,
    I've just browsed your pages and I really like your style.
    You have a special sense of decoration and nature. That's the beauty of life!
    I wish you a great summer with a lot of relaxation!

  9. Such a pretty place! I always loved your styling skills.


  10. That was a great. I liked your postcheck it also

  11. Its looks so beautiful and simple stunning. Thanks for sharing blog


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