Saturday, 6 March 2010


... blast off... into a young boy's bedroom...
Going a little overboard with the star-struck theme in my six-year-old son's room proved to be one of the easiest negotiations ever. He has been on a mental space odyssée for a few years now and a happy mum was given free rein to add as many celestial bodies as the room could hold. Being a small room, it would not welcome too many, but one particular detail was loved by son and mum in equal measure: the ceiling light. I boast very few designer items in my possession, but this fabulous moon lamp, "Moon Buzz" was designed by Buzz Aldrin himself and is supposedly an exact replica of the moon, bump by bump. Except it is a ceiling light. And its orbiting skills leave a lot to be desired.

The story about how Moon Buzz was put up would take too long to share here. For now, let's just say that I came home to a frothing, seething, sweaty and topless man, with a crowbar in one hand and some equally aggressive-looking tools in the other, a room covered in debris and dirt and a ceiling light that was very far from any ceiling. Oh, and in the attic room above my son's room was - mysteriously - a torn and ripped carpet, curled in an uncomfortable position on top of the moved guest bed, and a hole in the floor. My otherwise very handy man had apparently had a rather unhandymanny day, with a short circuit as the icing on the irritable cake.
But it is up now. And we don't talk about that day in our house. Except I believe I just did. Oups.

Is there a harbour at The Sea of Tranquility...?

Some scrap bits of wood, a little paint, a big dose of imagination - as Corsham is about 1,5 h drive from any decent water - and voilà, handmade New England in a jiffy. Inspired by
Two of my charity shop finds, the boat shelves above, were swiftly turned into suitable space ships with a bit of paint and some plastic pipes. Did I mention how much I love hardware stores?

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