Friday, 5 March 2010

Northern lights...

For those of you who may already be getting fed up with images from our dining room... this is not your lucky day, I'm afraid. See, I personally can't get enough of the light, the light and - did I mention - the light? The magic of it lies also in how the light changes during the day, from the bright and crisp to the cosy and warm.

My partner shakes his head and rolls his eyes at me for various reasons on a very regular basis. One of my quirky habits which seems very foreign to him and seems to set off the eye-rolling more than usual, is my insistence on lighting candles at any given moment. Night-time, absolutely. Day-time, why on earth not? Nothing can like candles bring calm and tranquility to a room. Even children seem to calm down in the presence of lit candles. Or am I projecting my desired reality on my little noise machines, when in fact they remain completely oblivious to my efforts and carry on charging around like Energizer bunnies.

Light, in whatever form it may come, is precious. It gives life, health and hope. I like. I like a lot.


  1. Hejsan!
    Har precis hittat hit. Javisst är det något speciellt med ljus! :) Tycker inte allla det?*
    Eller så är det något som man har med sig med uppväxten, vad vet jag. Men kan ju inte vara så svårt att uppskatta även när man är vuxen och inte van sedan tidigare.

    Roligt att hitta en "ny" blogg!

    Trevlig helg!

  2. ohhh så fint inlägg, ljus är snart oljus galen av, fniss! du jag har ingen anig varför inte dina sista inlägg Kommit i rullarna, skumt, vi får Hålla koll, kanske får du kolla med blogspots support!?
    Må väl!

    varmkram Lotten


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