Sunday, 28 February 2010

It is all in the detail...

As much as I like to think of myself as someone with a holistic outlook on life, I do confess to a slight obsession with details. Particularly when it comes to the desire to create a harmonious home, where my strive for balance at times has been known to drive the man in the house to tear his hair out. But you know what I mean, a visual song to all the senses, a well-proportioned piece of mind...

Our kitchen-diner is still a little bit of a blank canvas. Some might even find it bordering on barren. But against the modest white backdrop, a few details stand out with deserved pride. Orchid - the most sensual of flowers. Rusty star - rough and yummy! Vintage cup handles - does life get any better than that?!

I hope your weekend is equally fabulous on the whole as in every little gorgeous detail!


  1. Vackra detaljstudier! Lockar till att vilja se mer.
    Idag läste jag att de gula narcisserna nedan var från din egen trädgård... ja vad ska man säga annat än att vi i Sverige har ännu den tiden en bit bort... H.

  2. Jättefint Helena! Vi kommer!!!! :-D Dina kranar (ja, några som liknade) gick jag och suktade över för några år sedan - nu blev det ett par andra, men Dina är verkligen fina.

  3. laughing...when I read the part of when the man wants to tear his hair out...hahaha. remind me of my husband also.

    Yes, details is quite important in the house even if I have to move it back and forth.

    Annie (NJ)


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