Thursday, 25 March 2010

From Russia with love...

This stunning tin box arrived in the Swenglish household a few years ago, from a friend who, at the time, was residing in Azerbadjan. My Russian is a little bit rusty, shall we say, but I think it is a tin that once, a hundred years ago or so, contained chocolates.

A little scruffy, sadly devoid of chocolate, but with a vintage factor so high it almost makes up for the lack of chocolate.



  1. Vilken underbar box och så kul att ha något så ovanligt( i alla fall i min värld) som en chokladask från Ryssland! Mycket vacker är den dessutom!

    TACK raraste du för awarden!

    Ha en härlig dag!

  2. Vilken underbar burk.

    Tack snälla för awarden! Vad glad jag blir!

  3. Beautiful!
    Och jag var ju bara tvungen att kika in till dig! Vad fint du har det! ;)


  4. Ups...
    As a russian, I can say, this is a box from caramel (sugarplum).
    On the box is a sign: Caramel from confectioner´s factory of V.F. Lapshin in Tsaritsyn (later Stalingrad, now Volgograd). Hihg quality.
    This is the box definitely from the period before 1925, when Tsaritsyn became a Stalingrad. And most likely, it was before 1917, because after the Revolution the factory was nationalized.
    Thanks for the nice blog!


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