Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dyrham Park  Part II...

Welcome back to part II of the image stroll around Dyrham Park...

Now, I have always dreamt of an Orangery, and the one at Dyrham Park 
certainly looked inviting today. In celebration of the Queen's Jubilée...

.... the tables were laid to offer special menus of champagne, canapés and cakes. Hm, my muddy trainers and equally muddy entourage had to settle for admiring this lovely scene from afar...

But not to worry, we had plenty of eye candy to enjoy, and who needs champagne when 
there are gorgeous "Granny's Bonnets" (Aquilegia), pretty ponds and sunshine on offer?!

To my delight, Dyrham Park is the home of both more 
formal gardens and wilder meadows, as this one below...

... and if that image does not scream SUMMER, I am not sure what will!

I nearly missed this, but just as we were about to leave, I spotted a "familiar face" next to the house. Well, I say familiar loosely, as "my" other big head sits in the wonderful gardens of Abbey House Garden (a k a The Naked Gardeners - see for example here).

(Click on the images if you would like to view them larger.)

So, there we are. 
We bid farewell to funny faces, floral fabulousness and dozing deer for now. 
I am sure we will meet soon again.

I am very invisible on your blogs, and for that I apologise. I wish I could find the time to stop by and say hello, but my life outside of the warm and wonderful Blog Land keeps demanding all my time and energy. To those of you who still stop by here, thank you - it is lovely to have you here!

Warm regards to you all!


  1. I've enjoyed seeing the second installment of photos from this lovely place.

  2. Your beautiful dining room always reminds me of an orangery Helena.


  3. Så otroligt vackert. Finns det verkligen på riktigt :)

    Hälsningar från Nette

  4. Så ljuvligt att få följa med dej på en vandring i den vackra parken, aklejorna är så vackra och skira, som prinsessor. Kul med buskarna, men inte nåt för min trädgård än så länge, är inte mycket för att formklippa buskar. Dina bilder är som vanligt en fröjd att få följa med i, en liten stund av kontemplation och nöje.

    Hoppas du får en fin sommar fortsättningsvis, här hos oss verkar den verkligen stanna i farstun, men det pratas om bättre väder nästa helg?! men det känns som man hört det förut.

    Kramar och ha det gott, Birgitta

    Kramar och ha det gott,

  5. Es un lugar precioso!!


  6. A lovely follow-up confirming that I must visit!

  7. Hej Helena,
    Nu var det ett tag sedan jag hade tid att titta in, men har nu uppdaterat mig och suttit och njutit och suckat av välbehag över alla vackra engelska vyer och dina stämningsfulla bilder. Du är sååå duktig på att fånga det vackra, Helena!

  8. That's okay Helena as long as you keep posting these beautiful pictures we can forgive you lack of visits.

  9. Dina bilder är verkligen som ur en saga! Så vackert och vilka parker du besöker! Och en cafémöbel som är ljuvligt vacker!

  10. Wonderful pictures, dear Helena!!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  11. hi Helena
    You are so lucky to visit such beautiful places! Thanks for showing them to us we are far

  12. Helena...
    I so enjoy your pictorial travel logs. What pure delight!
    Hope your schedule opens up so that you can enjoy a bit more free time.

  13. What fun it would have been to have champagne and cake to celebrate the Jubilee - you would definitely need to be properly dressed for the occasion though:) The wildflower meadow looks idyllic and timeless.

  14. Kram på dig du fina och tack för denna underbara brittiska dos. Precis vad jag behövde idag. Lovely!♥

    Kram Lotta

  15. Fantastisk vakkert som ALLTID-smil:)
    Tusen takk Helena for at du blogger.

    God klem Camilla

  16. Tack för den ljuvliga promenaden! Gods och tillhörande vackra parker kan man aldrig få för mycket av:)

    Ha en finfin söndag,

  17. Hi Helena
    Thank you for that wonderful trip. I could have strolled around for much, much longer. It's a beautiful place that I really would love to visit in real.
    Have a lovely Sunday

  18. Don't worry Helena - we all understand that life get's in the way sometimes, and it's always a pleasure to visit you and your lovely blog regardless! Your images are stunning - the deer are SO beautiful - well captured!
    Paula x

  19. Hej på dig!
    Första gången jag kikar in hos dig....
    Såååå mycket fint du visar och vilka
    fina bilder!
    På återseende....
    Kram Sofia

  20. Dyrham Park looks absolutely stunning Helena. Another place for the visiting list!

    We all know how life can overtake our blogs from time to time, so no worries at all, it's just lovely coming over here to experience your wonderful photography and marvel at the sheer beauty of our GORGEOUS countryside.

    Thank you for taking the time to share these images with us.


  21. Thank you sharing so many beautiful images! I love them all.


  22. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard


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