Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wet windows in Lacock...

The summer of 2012 was a funny one here in south west UK. More rain than we ever thought possible became a lingering, daily visitor, overstaying its welcome by far and resulting in a summer that perhaps was not to everyone's taste - unless you are a mermaid... 

On the other hand (yes, I am humming ' Always look on the bright side of life' here - will you join in with the whistling?) this meant everything grew like crazy at the beginning of the summer, and windows like the one above, drowning in a lush, green veil, offered wonderful hope of nature's growing power...

All the photos today are from our neighbour village Lacock earlier this summer...

(Click on the image to see the whole image.)

...with the last one below showing the view of (-the back of-) Lacock Abbey 
coming back from a walk across the fields behind the village.

I am, again, very invisible in the blog world at the moment, and I long to find the time to spend more time here. Last week was spent in Sweden on a work trip and this week one of the things on the agenda is to organise a birthday party for one of my sons. I do love organising parties, I have to confess, and the challenge for me is rather to not go completely wild and crazy with too many creative ideas... Just don't be alarmed if you happen to stumble across a new and rather frightening professor from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this weekend. It may very well be yours truly...
A huge thank you for your kind comments about my post from Paris. 
I see we are many who share the love of this wonderful city!

Wishing you a week full of light and happy moments!


  1. Glorious photos as ever Helena I love the way you have managed to capture the raindrops on the apples. I sometimes think it takes someone who was not born in England to really appreciate the beauty of our little country. However when you next go to Sweden it wold be lovely to see photos of there too.Yes it has been fantastic weather for tree growing this year, the ones in our garden have gone wild.

  2. I love all of them : windows, doors, castle ;)

  3. Hallojsan Helena!!

    här har du en till som varit lite frånvarande..framför allt med kommentarer..har allttjuvkikat in här ;)
    fantastiksa blider som vanligt..och det har varit otroligt frodigt även här hemma hos oss i Sverige..mycket grönt men inte så mycket bär och frukt!

    Du verkar leva ett fantastiskt omväxlande liv med resor världen över..och dina bilder ifrån Paris ger mig ett sug efter staden..mmm..

    ha det gott nu ..och kalaset kommer säkert att bli fantastiskt..i Fantasyn´s värld!!

    Kram Kram sanne

  4. Hei pa deg,
    det gar litt i rykk og harde napp med min tid her i Blogglandia ogsa, men slik er livet :-) Hyggelig a titte inn hos deg! Haper selskapet blir vellykket - det hores jo herlig ut!

  5. Hei !
    Vi har hatt det vått her midt i Norge også, men dere har nok hatt det våtere enn oss ja :-( Vi får bare se fram mot en forhåpentligvis bedre sommer til neste år ;-)
    Får jo "hjemlengsel" av disse vakre bildene av herlige Lacock :-)Har jo noen bilder fra Lacock i sommer jeg også, så bare jeg finner tid så kommer det nok et glimt fra Lacock her inne hos meg også :-)
    Lykke til meg selskapsplanlegging og feiring :-)
    Klem fra Rita

  6. Ja en konstig sommar har det men skönt ändå:)
    Härliga bilder du bjuder på. Kramar och goa dagar från Maria

  7. Mysiga byfoton från vackra England! Du är duktig på att fånga det där allra bästa med engelskt lantliv!
    Kram Anna

  8. Fina foton som vanligt Helena.
    SMHI skriver på sin hemsida: Sammanfattningsvis kan man säga att sommaren 2012 var det året då ”varmluften undvek Sverige med kuslig precision”. Inte så mycket regn men kyligt och få strandväderdagar......

  9. Lacock er fantastisk og supre bilder du har lagt ut! Vi dumpet innom Lacock en gang vi var på tur og det var en stor opplevelse. Flere filmer er vel også tatt opp i denne landsbyen - den ser jo ut som eneste stor filmkulisse, bare at det er helt på ekte :)

  10. Yes, I was humming the song with you :o). We had a wet summer too, but then again I had not to run around and watering all my plants. And because of this Englisch weather in Switzerland I finally got wonderfulg blooming hydrangeas :o).
    Have a lovely day

  11. Love your blog, you have a wonderful eye for photography!
    I had the pleasure of seeing your home in CH&I, and I was delighted!

  12. Sweet Helena!
    As usual, min kära, lovely blogg vän, beundras jag över din förmåga att fånga naturen, det gröna, det vackra runtomkring oss!
    Kanske sånt som vi andra ibland ser, men bara går förbi, medan när du fångar det på bild så blir det till något magiskt!
    Jag har gett dig en utmärkelse på min blogg och hoppas du blir glad och inspirerad till att fortsätta att dela med dig av dina vackra bilder och din underbara engelska sagovärld!

  13. Those first two images are just SO lush! You are so right, the rain just about sums up our Summer, but with it came an abundance of growth in the garden which was a joy to see!
    Your photographs are truly stunning - I haven't visited for a while, and so I have a lot of loveliness to catch up on! Good luck with your party organisation - I too like the organisational bit of entertaining.
    best wishes,
    Paula x

  14. Hello, I just came across your blog for the first time. Wonderful photos and great read, I enjoy it! On one of my recent visits to Shepton Mallet, I bought a brooch from Niki at Nostalgia with Lacock Abbey painted on it. A very treasured piece for me. Lucky you to live in that wonderful part of the UK :-).


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