Thursday 28 February 2013

When your car decides for you...

Have you ever had your car decide things for you?
Well, as I was driving home from work today and approached a second-hand shop on the side of the road (the one where last summer I fell in love with the large tray that I used as a table top for example here), I thought to myself that I certainly do not need more things, no matter how lovely they might be, and I was therefore not going to stop...

Now, some of you may find what happened next hard to believe, but my car took me completely by surprise when it suddenly swerved to the left and turned in to mentioned shop. Just like that. And parked outside this large and eclectic second-hand shop, it would have been rather rude not to pop inside just for a minute or two... would it not?

Sorry about the grainy, un-sharp photos here - this window-less
room and my camera do not always see eye to eye...

And there it was. The Moroccan-looking wooden stand that my beloved tray had been missing. With paint peeling and just the right amount of scruffy patina, it called out to me in all its ragged glory: "Please, Miss, adopt me! We belong together!" Now, I may be a woman of principle, but I am not heartless. And when a fellow with a wooden leg - or eight as it were -  pleads with me in that fashion, who am I to reject him?

So, that is how my car made what turned out to be the best decision possible on this grey Wednesday, and my wooden fellow and I, I have a feeling we are going to live happily ever after!

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday, and may it bring you joy, 
car-encouraged or not!


  1. Sånn er det av og til.. Noen tilbud er bare for gode å si nei til. Jeg hadde også hatt problemer med å la Det bordet stå igjen...

  2. Love it! My car also has a "will of it's own" whenever I approach a quilt shop - so it is not my fault my Studio is full of fabric - I blame the car every time! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

  3. Wow, that cannot be a more perfect match! Add to that the fact that your car found it for you, well that's nothing short of magical!

  4. Tycker du verkar ha en väldigt klok bil :-) Vilket helt underbart bord du 'snubblade' över där. Passar perfekt där i mysiga hörnan.

    Sol här idag. Hoppas du har det också!

    Stoooor kram

  5. Ja man kan ikke stole på de biler...;-)
    Forstår den godt, den vidste jo at du manglede det bord til det flotte fad..:-)
    Det passer perfekt i din smukke stue..:-)

    Hej fra Lisbeth

  6. Jag vet precis hur det är, vår bil
    gör sådär också. Och ibland öppnar sig
    plånboken av sig själv också....fniss.
    Underredet är superfint, passade perfekt till
    din bricka.

  7. Hi Helena,
    What a wonderful house and car do you have!
    Kind regards,

  8. Ha, ha - I've never heard of a car being blamed for retail therapy before! Clever car, though - the perfect stand!! Great! Have a lovely weekend. x

  9. HA! Sometimes the car knows best. And really, what a perfect match.

  10. You must have a "smart car"!! Good for you for listening to it!

  11. I imagine that had you not stopped, the little table would have walked over on its eight legs, right into your home.

  12. It was ment to be, if you had been searching for that wooden base you would not have found it. When you are not looking that is when they turn up. Looks perfect, your lucky day!!! Greetings from Arizona

  13. How funny is that ! Your car knows what is beautiful ;-)
    I have such a wonderful tea table as well, but from Tunisia, since years ! In summer I take it out in the garden ! Hug from Switzerland, Barbara

  14. Så fint dit nye bord. Sød historie

    Bar helg

  15. Så fint dit nye bord. Sød historie

    Bar helg

  16. How clever of your car! I have a Moroccan tray just like yours........perhaps if I ask my car nicely, it will find me a stand too?

    Have a lovely weekend......


  17. hello, I put a link on my last article of my blog garden to your blog. I read each of your new tickets ... I never comment, but I like the visit each time, your pictures make me dream ...
    thank you :)

  18. Åh så roligt skrivet ! men det är verkligen så det känns ibland. Ödet på nåt vis, trevlig helg hälsar Anna

  19. Vilken tur att din bil styrde upp det hela så att det blev ett besök i den fina butiken :) Det var ju verkligen ett fynd du gjorde.
    Kram Maria

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  21. Hej Helena,

    Nu blev jag hemskt full-i-fniss här för tro det eller ej, samma sak händer mig ganska ofta! Service tycks inte avhjälpa "problemet" heller ;)) Tycker det var en perfekt matchning! Tänk hur saker och ting faller på plats så småningom, fantastiskt!

    Önskar dig en toppenfin "happy weekend" och tackar för rara hälsningar!
    Kram Sanna

  22. Vilket fynd tack vare din bil! ;-) Sådana bord var populära under jugendstilen då män hade sina egna arbetsrum dit de samlades för att röka cigarrer efter en middag.Grattis till fyndet!

    Sari från Puumuli

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  24. Good morning Helena,
    that's as unique as tablet and "legs" together. - Oh, I'd like to have a car like that ;) ... Best regards, a beautiful Sunday spring greetings from Germany, Simone

  25. Hi Helena
    Oh I love your car! It's very nice of it to take you to the shop. Mine isn't that kind and sometimes it is even stubborn. For example when I come out from a garden Center with lots of plants, it decides to hide itself. I guess it doesn't like to get dirty. And my car seems always to be to small for all my bought garden treasures. :o)
    Have a lovely Sunday

  26. Ha, ha - ja, se bilar, vad de kan hitta på. Jag kan inte ens lita på mina fötter. Trots att hjärnan säger till dem att gå rakt fram, svänger de av i tid och otid till alla möjliga affärer! Dessutom lyckas kontokortet i smyg hamna i betalningsterminalen! Förstår inte hur det det har blivit så här!!! / Hälsningar från Göteborg, Siv

  27. I believe in Your story ;) I can't resist the new, beautiful things... The table is awesome and looks like it has always been here!

  28. Sååå lenge siden jeg har lagt igjen en hilsen her hos deg, Helena, så nå var det på høy tid! :)
    He, he ikke lett å styre unna slike butikker. Det er rett og slett for fristende. Du gjorde helt klart det rette da du valgte å "adoptere" dette bordet. Det passet perfekt inn hos deg!

    Håper du har gode dager. :)
    Anette Willemine

  29. I wouldn't have been able to resist it either! Clever car, set on the same autopilot I normally function in myself...

    Lovely, whith the white, restful backdrop.

    Like you. I love both the white, natural colour scheme, and (in winter) the earty, warm, oriental tones.
    Having lived in the Middle East I have brought home a few treasures, that have on and off been on display in our home.
    Love them, but tire after a while...

    There's always a balance, to introduce a touch of the orient, whithout going too far.

    I think you've done it!

    And now I'll pack away my 'musty, spicy colours', and recover both chairs and cushions/pillows in shades of natural linen. That's how my Swedish-snowy-landscape soul enjoys it the best! :)

    Ingela 'Fridhemspinglan'

  30. I am happy that I came across this one.
    Very well done with the whole compilation and presentation of the matter.


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