Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fraudulent fluffy stuff...

(Please click on the photo to see the whole photo - it appears cropped here.)

Now... spring may be unusually shy this year...
... and we have indeed seen some confused little white flakes 
sailing through the air in the past couple of days here...

But when I drove through our neighbouring village Biddestone a few days ago, my jaw dropped and I gasped for air in that dramatic way that only the sight of a world completely white in mid-March can provoke...

But then I realised...

... that the white fluffy stuff was indeed of a rather fraudulent kind...

... as were a couple of shop fronts...

... as it turned out they were filming some scenes from the movie 
The Christmas Candle, a "festive period drama" 
which will be out, I believe, next year.

So there we are.
A beautiful white world.
Even if fake.
Even if cold enough to be absolutely believable.
Oh bother, bring on spring!

Hoping you are keeping warm, wherever you are!
All the best and thank you so much for all your kind comments.


  1. Oh my goodness, I would have done a double-take,too! But how neat and interesting.

  2. You fooled me:) I love it though - looks great (except the poor rabbits :) Hugs xx

  3. Åh, jag trodde en stund att även ni fått er beskärda del av smällkall vinter och snö, som vi fick här igår! Jag hör på radion att det snöar i södra Frankrike, så helt otroligt är det nog inte!

    Nåja, det ser verkligen naturtroget ut och det lär bli vackra bilder i den filmen!
    Ljuvliga bilder, som hämtade ur en saga!

  4. Smukke butiksfacader, should´ve been for real!


  5. Those are beautiful photos, again! I couldn't believe those shops either.. could England really be that quaint, it looked like a movie set. Turns out my hunch was right, but how darling!

  6. Wow...for noen eventyrlige bilder. Det snør heldigvis ikke her hos meg, selvom kommentaren over her sier at det snør her i Sør-Frankrike.
    Tusen takk for gode ord du legger igjen hos meg. Jeg er så takknemlig for vårt bloggvennskap...og ikke minst at jeg fant frem til din unike blogg.
    Bon week-end.
    Bises Maliva

  7. What great photos! The shop fronts look wonderful. Look forward to seeing the programme! x

  8. Eventyrlige bilder, bokstavelig talt!! Men jeg har kikket igjennom de siste innleggene dine og det er jo veldig vakre omgivelser du foreviger også i de andre bildene dine. Jeg lever meg inn bildene enten det er nærbilder av krukker og blomster eller nydelige bilder av bygninger, broer og kanaler, eller innbydende interiør! Bloggen din er herlig, takk for at vi får ta del..

  9. Wow - how exciting, that's England :o) Need to watch out for the movie then.
    Best regards, Angela

  10. How fun to see that! The store fronts look great. Crazy how set designers can make it all so believable. I would love to watch a movie being filmed. [bucket list]

  11. Kommer och bli en fin stämning i den
    filmen, snö är vackert på film och bild.
    För övrigt kan det räcka nu, här snöade
    det igår, imorse minus 20 och sen takdropp!

  12. What great photos. The village really looks wintry. But I'm glad it's just the fake sort of white - we need spring!

  13. Bring on spring! Just what I want to say. We have a white world again here, nothing fake about it and even more snow predicted. Once again, I just can't believe the weatherman. We'll see....
    The white village you're showing looks magnificent though, I can imagine it being used for filming scenes for a movie.

  14. I though the second last picture was too perfect just like movie set and it was:) It has been incredible cold here in southern Finland -20 degrees, it is March so it should be much warmer. It feels spring will never come here, I'm so fed up:( I will go to Lisbon after few weeks so I hope there is warm and nice, I will meet spring there, lucky me.

  15. How you resisted the urge to run home grab an armful of cushions, pots, fabric and a bench or two and return to make use of a free backdrop I have no idea, but I bet you thought about it though:)

  16. Huuu, I hope the dead bunnies weren't real too. But your photos really look like out from a movie... wonderful.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  17. Hej! Otroligt vackert fusk!
    Receptet på bröd, pain riche finns på min blogg imorgon. Ett recept jag använt i 35 år!!!!
    Så synd, jag som lämnar småstaden under påsken. Annars skulle jag "gluttat" efter dej.
    Ha en fin helg/KRAM Christina

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  19. awesome pictures!!!!! here in austria, it exactly looks like this scene at the moment - the world is "sugared" and it`s very very cold outside! spring - where are you?!?

    have a cosy weekend!

  20. Hihi, det första jag tänkte var "ååh precis som på film!" och vid andra bilden "men vänta nu..." - och sen tänker jag att det är ju sådär jag föreställer mig att det ser ut i alla byar.. ;)) Vad roligt att få uppleva det på riktigt. Bedårande vackert!

    Ha en skön söndag Helena!

    Kramelikram :)

  21. Biddestone? Did you make a stop at the "Biddestone Arms"? No? Huh, it would have made you feel warm inside ´cause of the good meals and the nice waiters and waitresses , especially Liz and Michael ;-) The photos are great and I hope we can see the movie in Germany too. Snow has gone - but after two days of sunshine we have rain - the forecast says it will stay all the week. ButI have some leisure days then and I hope it will be sunny.

  22. Hej! Så himla fina bilder! Den första bilden är som en dröm:) Önskar dig en skön vecka!
    Kram Sirpa

  23. Great photo's...Have a lovely week ...hugs rosita

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Our snow here in New York is still real..spring and it's about 29 degrees out....crazy! Your photos are beautiful. Love visiting your blog daily. Best Regards.

  26. Hej! Underbara bilder!!...UK är så fint!! Bor själv i en gammal stad och tycker det är fint med gamla fina dörrar!!! Har börjat att följa din blogg:))

  27. hello,
    wow what a lovely pic...its luking totaly dreamy home ....thanks for sharing this wonderful pics.
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  28. Que la Campagne est Belle !!! Such so beautiful photos from the countryside, it's so authentic, Thank you for this visit..


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