Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Green fuel...

Now... you may think that a blog post with this heading might throw itself into a debate on environmentally-friendly fuel, with great insights from the latest research in the energy sector. Perhaps a thought-provoking exposé on bio fuel. 
Alas, it is not. 
As much as I am very positive to any form of renewable energy source and every attempt to save the planet our children will inherit, my 'Green fuel' heading was hinting at a more spiritual form of green soul food. The one where Mother Nature is the guru and generous provider of fuel ...

On a walk yesterday, I simply had to slow down when I saw these forget-me-nots on the side of the road. A true spring sign that to me even carries a few fingerprints of summer. I just could not help myself... the flower picking season has started!

There is something so special about the many shades of green that are the signature of spring. Leaves uncurling, buds pushing their way out into the sunlight. Vibrant, almost trembling with excitement, light green little leafy loveliness.

Green that has gone a little feral is something the strict gardener might sniff at, but to which I am drawn like a moth to the light. I mean just look at the old stone steps above... does not the green carpet runner make these steps completely irresistible? Does it not make you want to climb these steps immediately to explore what fairy tale world lies beyond?

The forget-me-nots in this photo knocked me out in all their pretty, petite glory, when I stumbled upon them on our c-o-l-d Cornwall excursion over Easter. How could they possibly survive in a climate that made this reasonably hardy Swede shiver to the bone? Inspiring!

Even though I may flirt with the various shades of springy greens, my heart will always stay true to my special green sweetheart, green the shade of MOSS.

Remember this stunning spot from one of my posts from Cornwall? I can't seem to get it out of my head. The ultimate spot for some soul searching and contemplation, where the cob webs of the mind can be cleared and new thoughts be born, all the while one  is being gently fanned by the gorgeous ferns...

Thank you for visiting my blog and a special thank you to all of you kind readers who take the time to leave a little message, even though I am very invisible on your blogs. I read all your words and appreciate every one.
Thank you.

Green greetings and may the beginning of May bring magic to you all!



  1. The woodlands are full of magic at this time of year. Around here, bluebells, creamy columbines, and camas lilies are adding hints of colour to the green. So lovely, as are your photos of green in England. Those steps must surely lead to fairyland.

  2. 1st of May, the last days rain was falling again, and again, and again... It made our garden explode and the green ist much greener now ;-) Today I was out in the garden where hundreds of forget-me-nots are coming out of the earth. I´m so sorry that you are so far away - I would give them to you to fill your garden, to make you smile. But putting them into a parcel to travel to England would kill them. So with every forget-me-not I see in my garden there will be a thought of you in my mind ;-)

  3. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I'm an ex-Cotswolder myself (grew up in the Stroud area), now living in Calgary, Canada and so I visit often to get a taste of the "old country"

  4. Discovering your blog is like going home- to home I would choose if dreaming could make it so. From the Great Northwest of the USA. Susie

  5. So beautiful and delicate! Fantastic blog you have.

  6. Kära Helena,

    Vilken lycka det är att kika in här hos dig och få ta del av dina fantastiska bilder och ord. Som alltid ger det mig ett lugn och mina axlar faller ner till rätt läge. Det är sannerligen en ljuvlig tid vi befinner oss i just nu. Tid för njutning. Här och nu.

    Ta hand om dig vännen och ha det gott bland allt det gröna.♥

    Kram Lotta

  7. Helen, you have such a beautiful blog. I've been following it for a long time and your photos are breathtaking me :-)) Vera

  8. Grazie per farci ammirare angoli di verde meravigliosi e suggestivi e come sono delicati quei fiorellini!!!
    Ciao Nadia

  9. Having just returned to live in the USA after living in Argentina for 6 years, I am enchanted with the flowers of Spring. We are living in a 200 year old house in Massachusetts right now and our luck has it, there are gardens and wildflowers everywhere we look. It has been a perfect introduction to living back in the US ... Not in a big city :)
    As always , loving your blog, C

  10. Vill bara säga att jag njuter av din blogg och alla vackra bilder...
    Ha en skön söndag,

  11. Your photographs are beautiful! The wildflowers looked beautiful in that little silver pitcher. The forget-me-nots are so spring-y looking. I wish I had such mystical moss and wildflowers growing near my home. Everything looks so lush and green there.

  12. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!


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