Tuesday 7 May 2013

Roma, per favore...!

Today, I am sitting by the pond in the garden, listening to silence. Well, I can, of course, hear the birds tweeting their joyous spring hymns, the faint sound of a lawn-mower in the distance, and every now and then a bee buzzing by my head, inebriated by a greedy dose of nectar...

Yesterday, however, was a very different story. It was the story of crowds, chaos and cream. Cream as in ICE cream. And, at times, as in I Scream. The former as in the staggeringly delicious Italian gelato, the latter because of the insufferable number of people in the Vatican museum, making it very hard to have that special tête-à-tête with Michelangelo that one had envisioned...

I confess, I am in love with the amazing, beautiful, interesting, overwhelming, hot, busy and more than a little chaotic city that is Rome. The mother of all capitals, the queen of ancient marvels. The majestic churches, the lively markets, the wooden shutters on the old houses lining the cobbled, narrow little streets...I could go on and on... I first visited Rome around twenty years ago, and I did actually not fall in love then.

But this time.

Oh my.

Perhaps it had something to do with watching my sons enjoy it so much, being blown away by the ruins at Forum, the pasta that made all other pasta pale in comparison and simply the feel of this jewel of Italian culture.

The Villa Borghese park is a wonderful breathing hole in the busy city, and perfect place for a mental and visual time-out. Although there is still beauty to behold, but of the visually calming kind, like in the photo above.

The photo above I have borrowed from Airbnb's website, the agent through which we rented a flat in the centre of Rome. Having compared prices with various hotel rooms, we realised that we could rent a fully equipped flat at the same expense, and it turned out to be a very lucky move. This flat is simply stunning! Its location is superb, only a short stroll away from the Spanish Steps and within easy reach of all the other sights. The owner of the flat, Luigi, made us feel so welcome and made sure we felt well looked after throughout our stay. To anyone heading for Rome, I can highly recommend renting this flat, and you will get some good exercise too after all the wonderful pasta and gelato you will have had, as it is several floors up with no lift... You can see more photos and information here.

Arrivederci for now. See you soon again!


  1. W la nostra bella Italia. W our beautiful Italy...

  2. Your photographs so capture Rome. I was there years ago with my husband, but I would love to take our girls. The flat looks lovely.

  3. Quelles belles photos ! Rome est vraiment une ville magnifique. Les nouvelles photos de la bannière du blog sont très belles aussi. (je ne sais pas comment on le dit en anglais... Bravo !

  4. Beautiful photos of a beautiful city. Rome is definitely one of my favorite places. Enjoy your time there!

  5. I've never been to Rome - yet. One day, I will go. Beautiful photos. Airbnb is a great way to go.

  6. Underbara bilder från Rom och jag förstår precis - att bo så centralt och charmigt dessutom! Visst är det en fantastisk stad! Jag har själv många fantastiska minnen från just Rom!
    Ha en fortsatt härlig tid!

  7. La citta eterne! I <3 it!

  8. Wonderful photos, wonderful impressions and a great story once again. Thanks for bringing Rome and its beauty to our homes Helena!

  9. Stunning photos Helena - I love Italy but have only been to Rome once - would love to return one day and introduce it to our little boy.

    Hope you are having a lovely holiday and since you have been away there has been lots on the UK news about a family who have just been charged a whopping 64 euros for 4 ice creams in Rome lol! I hope you find some cheaper ones than that xxx

  10. Gorgeus pictures, I never have been in Rome. I have rented flats for years now, it is so much more homely than living in the hotel and more space.

  11. Hi Helena
    Yesss... Rome is still on our travelling wish list. Can't wait to see it finally. Your photos really make me want to pack my suitcase immediately :o).
    Have a lovely day!

  12. Buongiorno Helena! Where to begin, I am entranced by your immagini Italiano. From the moped on the Italian cobbled street festooned with verdant drapery to the ecclesiastical light beams and the beautiful courtyard fountain but my favourite photograph has to be the image of the quiet Padre, patiently watching the blur of excitable tourists.
    It certainly looks like you made the most of your visit and made a very smart move in renting the flat, what a great find.
    I am inspired to hop aboard la aerolínea cheapo and find my own little piazza where I can shout, wave my arms, fall in love, honk a car horn, eat beautiful pasta and talk with my mouthful all at the same time.
    Have a beautiful week:)

  13. Kan tänka mig att det är lätt och bli
    förälskad i Rom, verkar vara en fantastisk
    stad. Du har gjort så fina foto collage.
    Stor kram från ett varmt men regnigt Sverige

  14. Vilka bilder! Nu blev jag väldigt sugen på att åka till Rom. Förstår att det är en stad utöver det vanliga.
    Kram Maria

  15. Underbara Rom...det är inte svårt att bli förälskad i denna stad, människorna, maten, kulturen! Jättefina bilder som gör att jag bara måste tillbaka snart...
    Ha en fin fredag!


  16. Hej !
    otroligt vacker skildring av en mycket vacker stad ! man blir ju lätt hemmablind när man är här för jämnan . nu blir jag ju nästan nykär,när jag ser dessa bilder ....antar att ni hade mycket,mycket trevligt !!
    kram, monica rom


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