Thursday 16 May 2013

Feeling flowery...

 Dear readers,

Not much new to report from the Swenglish abode. The temptation of summer that was offered to us just over a week ago, has been exchanged for a much colder, rainier shade of grey. So, what to do to push away the clouds in sky and mind? Flower picking, of course! Inside, I become seven again, remembering how I used to walk to my grandparents, picking flowers for my grandmother on the way.

So I pick. Whites and blues and any perky petal that smiles a little extra at me as I walk past. Instant colour therapy. Did you hear that, oh great grey clouds in the sky, you have not defeated me yet! 'Flower power' will go a long way...!

Wishing you all a lovely mid-May week, and may your days be lined with petals.


  1. Vad vackert! Här har vi haft en grå,trist och kylig dag - endast +16° Brrr. Dina bilder värmer gott här på kvällskvisten :) Kram från Australien♥ ~Pernilla

  2. SÅ, SÅ vakkert, Helena! Lengter etter sommer, sol og varme :)

    Ha en fortsatt herlig torsdag, vennen!

  3. The heavens opened here yesterday, but today it's not too bad.... Bluebells are just a delight, aren't they? x

  4. Très belles jacinthes des bois. J'en ai aussi dans mon jardin mais je n'ai pas eu le temps d'en faire un bouquet !
    Bonne soirée

  5. Just adore the bluebells and Queen Anne's Lace! My Lily of the Valleys are blooming and the lilacs too, love this time of year, and your lovely photos! Thanks! Mary Anne

  6. So lovely. The bluebells are gone now from our area, but I picked handfuls of them while they lasted. Now it's on to the irises!

  7. Rain is an important part of our springtime too, here in Belgium. Thank heavens nature doesn't seem to mind too much and flowers persevere. As you do Helena, we try to look at the bright side of things too.

  8. Enjoy the weekend from

  9. Flower power lives on - Right on sister! Cue the mamas and the papas.....


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