Friday, 17 May 2013

Taking a Bluebell Break...

Dear blog readers,

Sometimes, when the rain finally holds back for a brief moment, 
the clouds part long enough for the sun to caress our skin and souls for a few precious minutes...

... we ought to find our own little bluebell spot and allow ourselves to sit down, 
breathe slowly and gather our thoughts...

With a feverish little fellow at home from school today, my planned morning walk had to be abandoned and I found myself rushing around doing laundry with one hand and lunch preparations with the other...

... whilst also making a few fish-shaped biscuits to cheer up the little man...

But then I saw them.
And I heard them.
Those seductive, cajoling rays that chanted 'come out, come out, enjoy us while we last'...

So I did.
A few moments of time out in the garden.
In the very wild garden in bad need of a haircut, a shave and a general face lift...

I hope this weekend you find your own bluebell spot and the time to enjoy it!
All the best,

Ps. Thank you so much for all your kind comments. I appreciate every word.


  1. I hope your little one feels better. Time with Mom and fish crackers are sure to help.

  2. Great litlle space of time out. Thanks for sharing Helena. Very inspiring!

  3. Fiskkex tror jag är bra medicin för
    en sjuk kille, hoppas han snart blir
    frisk. Ser att hundkexen redan blommar
    hos dig, en jättevacker blomma i vas.
    Och blåklockorna är ljuvliga, bra gjort
    och få dom och trivas i trädgården.
    Vackra bilder som vanlig, gillar och få kika
    runt i din trädgård.
    Glad pingst och kramar

  4. Lovely photographs as always.
    How good to have fished shaped biscuits made for you when you're poorly.
    Where did you get that beautiful pen - is it an ink one ?


  5. Dear Helena,
    I hope your son gets better soon. Maybe some icecream and some strawberries will help ... Your photos ar very nice - I want to jump into your garden , sit down on that chair with a good cup of tea and a book. Instead of this I have to clean the house while it is raining again... But: we are planning the next holiday in GB ;-) My husband was on a business-trip in South-Wales and brought lots of informations... We´ll see what we´ll do, where we´ll go... But one thing I know: Bath (and the surrounding villages) will sure be a station on our way.

  6. Oh, I'm a real Bluebell Junkie. I love them very much. Hope your little one is already much better... with such lovely cookies I would become immediately well again... or hmmm... if the chance is there that you bake them every day as long as I'm sick, then I rather stay sick :o). You're a great mum.
    The clock cussion looks fantastic in this setting.
    Take care

  7. Thank you for sharing the bluebells - I hope your boy is feeling better.

  8. Hello Helena .... I'm an Italian girl and I live in Rome .. I love your blog,the photos in your post are wonderful, you can make the simplicity of everyday life in a perfectly chic .... I hope that the google translation is understandable ..... if you want to pass by my blog I will be happy ..... kiss!
    A nice day.

  9. Helen, your photos are very beautiful. I follow your blogg for a long time and I look forward to every new post :-) Vera

  10. En blåklocksstund borde alla unna sej! Så ljuvligt här i en inbjudande hörna av din trädgård! Här dröjer det lite till innan klockorna ringer in sommaren, även om allt går väldigt snabbt nu!
    Jag får en känsla av att du kan utnyttja tillfällena som bjuds - som att VABBA när sonen är sjuk! (VAB= vård av sjukt barn, vet inte vad det kallas hos dej)! :)

    I hänryckningens tid önskar jag dej många ljuvliga dagar i din trädgård och sköna blåklocksstunder!

  11. What a beautifully relaxing haven in the sunshine you have created for yourself Helena!
    The sun has been playing a great game of hide and seek recently. Shining whilst I'm working and then disappearing during my weekend days out, only to reappear on the journey back home. If he carries on like this he won't be getting any fish biscuits!

  12. i always love your garden design.
    little ribbon on terracota pot is
    so cute...
    enjoy the sun and garden.

  13. It must be faith that I ended up to your blog. I started reading that you live in England and had a thought that you might be living somewhere that I know :) And then you had wrote that you live outside Bath and I started smiling - how lovely! I used to live in Bath almost 10 years ago...! As an au pair. I have visited Bath many times after that and my heart always has a place for that beautiful city.

    Lovely blog you have <3

  14. Åååh så vackra foton du visar. Ljuvliga blåklockor!
    Och jag fick idén att spara den gamla solstolen...
    för den skall ju placeras mitt i rabatten nästa sommar.

    Ha det bra

  15. Hello, Helena

    Oh, dear. It looks like you got a lot of spam on this post.

    I trust your little one is better by now. I took a little bluebell break along with you.


  16. What a beautiful garden!

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