Thursday, 18 February 2010

Defying gravity...?

Who says baskets need to stand on tables and floors? I like to play Mary Contrary sometimes and avoid placing everything on ground level, or table level, or any flat surface reminding us of Newton's boring law. Hanging things from the ceiling, like lanterns or levitating Buddhas on swing-like shelves, or even upside-down flowers in tune with the season, all very modest outbreaks of civil disobedience. Or perhaps more like interior decorating naughtiness. Or could I plead artistic freedom? At the very least, it makes life a little more interesting.

As for baskets, walls are definitely the way to go.

1 comment:

  1. Hej Helena!

    Wow vilken blogg du har!!! Har läst igenom alla inlägg nu och fascineras över dina fina bilder, dina finurliga texter och ert underbara hus..! Är jättenyfiken på att få se mer...(tittar snart in igen)

    Kram och ha det bra!


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