Saturday, 27 February 2010

A night in with the grandparents...

A popular trend in the shabby chic-inspired homes in Sweden is to copy a vintage image of, for example, angels or madonnas onto linen cushions. I decided to invite my grandparents instead.

Using the easy iron-on technique, my maternal ancestors were easily positioned on some thick linen fabric, and without any fuss then placed gently in my favourite armchair. Nestled there with a faux fur throw, they seem to enjoy being part of the everyday hustle and bustle of family life, with their great-grandchildren occasionally standing on their heads on top of them. Occupational hazard, I suppose, being sat on if you happen to have turned into a cushion in your old age.

Lisa and Helmer were not around long enough to meet their great-grandchildren, but somehow I think they are enjoying their cushioned presence in their lives now. At least I know I do.


  1. Hej,
    uuun-der-bar blogg!!

    Jag skulle verkligen vilja släntra runt i dina trakter. On your doorstep- inlägget gav verkligen en vacker bild av omgivningar där jag kan tänka mig att det också finns vackra trädgårdar att beundra...

    Ha en skön weekend, hälsningar från Stockholm! ... där det nu hörs takdropp och vårrusiga fågelkvitter:-))

  2. den kudden är heeeeeelt lovely och ingen har ju en likadan ju!
    ha det gott, varmkram lotten


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