Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's raining roses...

... or, perhaps, rather on the roses... the overgrown, fluffy hedges and immaculate, tidy lawns of Corsham Court, where the other day I went for a stroll, thinking, rather naïvely, that I would have the time to get a few nice shots before the rain returned...

Now, as you may see, the rain played "you can run, but you can't hide" with me, and in the photo above, you may also spot someone playing hide and seek with the rain. Someone whose vanity made it run for cover as soon as the first rain drops threatened to spoil its spectacular feathery cape...

Corsham Court boasts my favourite combination of garden delights, i e both more formal areas, where the lawns look so perfect you immediately want to lie down and stroke them, together with straight paths and shaped topiaries, and also wilder areas, with typical English cottage garden character and a forest which tickles a desire to explore every corner and every tree, because surely there must be a fairy or two hiding in there...

On this particular day, I was almost alone in there, and could fantasize freely about this being my own garden, dream about what cushions to sew for this relaxing bench, think up the menu for a casual garden party, and admire the lovely brick wall and how well some of the green and blood red foliage stands out against the red brick...

Some of the paths were very mossy (deliberately?) and again 
looked very tactile and like a soft, inviting carpet...

I don't know if you can see it very well (click on the image if you want to enlarge it), but in the middle of the photo above is a rusty rose arbour (is that the right word?), which I would LOVE to copy in our garden. It is beautifully rounded and stands like a little house in the midst of a green jungle. Right, all I need now is to learn welding in a day or two. Or, ehm, perhaps keep dreaming rounded rusty dreams...

The old bath house tucked away in the forest... (above)

... and posing peacocks whose sense of style is unsurpassed... 
- even making sure it poses with the "right" colours in the background, 
matching its own to perfection...

Layers, layers, layers of fluffy green eye candy...

... and hello, another blue beauty coming to up for a chat...

This little green (and peacock blue) oasis is a five-minute walk from my door step, and yet I seem to come here much too seldom. Even in our own garden we can hear the tooting of the peacocks from over here, and often stumble upon one strolling down the High Street or resting in someone's front garden. 

Yes, we are truly blessed with an abundance of blue bliss and green garden glory here in Wiltshire and I am grateful to be able to enjoy it so close by!

All the best,

Ps. Claudia, I replied to you in the commentary field after my 
last post, but please get in touch via email if you want.


  1. Hello Helena,
    your photos are spectacular
    for the eyes, I always come to visit you.
    I love England and arriving in a bit.
    Congratulations, you are very good and thanks
    Susy Love x

  2. Såg inte påfågeln först när bara svansen stack fram, vilken stilig pippi. Och alla bilder är jättevackra, du har magiska miljöer och fota i. Och ibland är det bra när inte solen gassar, blir så mycket skuggor på bilderna. Och så fina dom två första rosbilderna är.

  3. Så härligt frodiga bilder, Helena! Bara i Storbritannien kan grönt vara så grönt... Jag undrar vad mina hundar skulle säga om en så ståtlig påfågel på torpgården!

    Det har varit en ganska regning sommar här i Finland men jag är ingen älskare av värmeböljor så detta passar mig - och trädgården - perfekt.

    Ha en trevlig kommande helg!

    Sari från Puumuli

  4. Vilken drömträdgård och du är en mästerfotograf dessutom! Såååå vackra bilder! Jag förstår att du njöt av att vara där och en påfågel dessutom! Jo du, en sån trädgård skulle man ha, men i nästa sekund tänker jag också att ett gäng trädgårdsmästare skulle i så fall höra till, så jag endast kunde ägna mej åt små njutningar som att plocka blommor, fota, tja...bara gå omkring och njuta helt enkelt....! Vilken tillvaro!

    Jag hoppas att regnandet har upphört hos er. Här är det mest till och från hela tiden. Idag var det "till" - ett litet minihögryck halva dagen och det tackar man för.
    Sköna, soliga sommardagar önskar jag dej!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these absolutely gorgeous photos - I dream of traveling to England and seeing places like this for myself someday.

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures, I hope to see it once by myself!

    Many hugs from here, Helena!

  7. What a wonderful pictures !!......happy

  8. It must be a pleasure to have these gardens so close to your home and freely available for a good wander.

  9. Gorgeous photos of a serene place, you are so lucky to live nearby. The peacocks are spectacular. I often think their 'tooting' sounds so sad, oh to have a home where I could have peacocks roaming in the garden!

  10. vilka underbara bilder och vilken trädgård...den går rätt in i själen och tas emot med glädje :-)
    kram Åsa

  11. What an absolutely stunning garden, and made even more beautiful due to the rain - it all looks SO green and lush and abundant! How lucky you are to have it only 5 minutes away - and what a stroke of even greater luck to have had it almost to yourself for the afternoon - with the peacocks of course!
    Paula x

  12. Hello Helena, my mame is Eugênia and I live in Brasil.Blog absolutely wonderful.Gorgeous photos.

  13. Wow Helena! What a great place to be! Amazing pictures! I enjoyed every picture!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Warm greetings, Helena ..from the Netherlands;-)

  14. Oh, this garden is so SO stunning. Its all so green and lush. I would love to see a green and rainy day around here...and I love a good lawn that you just want to sit down and snuggle in! It all is just so perfect...

  15. I love Corsham Court and you are so lucky to live close by! I must make the effort to visit more often, it's only a little drive from where we live. Your photos are so lovely I am inspired. Imagine having a magnificent peacock on the lawn!

  16. Beautiful! I love the yewtopiarys very much.


  17. Jag har inga ord Helena. Hela ditt inlägg är bara så vackert och så engelskt och ren njutning av läsa och scrolla upp och ner för att se de vackra bilderna igen och igen. Mycket mer mäktar jag inte med nu ikväll efter att ha haft födelsedagsfirande här hemma hela dagen. Så nu blir det fötterna upp i soffan, datorn i knäet och en stor bit till av chokladtårtan (Nigellas). Bara för att. ;)

    Sköt om dig du fina och ha en fin helg!

    Kram Lotta

  18. Wow! Your photos take my breath away! I love the cottages and historic houses!

  19. Dear Helena, I just arrived home and I had to pop over and let you know how thrilled I am with such an exciting response to my blog ramblings. I cannot believe the coincidence of you mentioning Abbey House because I have a long-planned trip there this very weekend! I have just treated myself to another visit to your beautiful blog being transfixed by your photography and exceptional styling skills. As for the words 'drowning in voluptuous verdure' well, I nearly fainted! Paul

  20. Du skriver så målande och vackra texter Helena. Du får mig att öppna ögonen och se saker på ett helt annat sätt. "Lägga mig ner och stryka handen över gräsmattan" är ett bra exempel. Skulle det se fånigt ut om jag lägger mig bredvid? *fniss*

    Stor kram Sanna


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