Friday, 20 July 2012

My benches and I...

We seem to have a special relationship, my garden benches and I...

They put up with my "pimping" and pottering practices without as much as a sigh or a grunt. Same thing when  they see me light up after a decorating brainwave and I rush to get my camera. No rolling of the eyes, no scraping of the feet...

The newest family member in the bench clan looked a little naked at first...

... and I did my best to - at least partially - cover her sensually curved, slender-limbed torso 
(hm, a torso has no limbs, but you know what I mean...)...

...with some cushions in the only fabric that seemed 
appropriate for this delicate lady: vintage-looking florals...

(The bunting also has some "flags" from an old pink shirt, donated to my sewing cupboard by the man in the house when the collar started fraying. Many are the handsome male shirts in the Swenglish Home that have met  the same recycled fate!)

(Click on the image to view the whole image.)

I found the fabric in one of the very few remaining fabric shops in Bath. I asked for vintage floral and they pointed me in the direction of some not-in-the-slightest-vintage viscose. Hm, I thought, I think I need to do what I do best, rummage-rummage-rummage and sniff the air like a bloodhound for what I crave... and there it was, the faint scent of something similar to the idea in my head, coming from the almost hidden-away curtain fabric section upstairs. Sniff-sniff. Yep, that will do, some wannabe vintage florals for a wannabe vintage bench. A happy marriage, it seems. So far.


Our home in Landhaus

One of my blog friends in Switzerland mentioned yesterday that she had seen our home in the German magazine Landhaus. This was a complete surprise to me, and I have not yet seen it myself, but to my German readers who may be interested, I think it is in the July/August issue of the magazine. (The Editor-in-Chief has now kindly posted a copy to me, so in a few days I may be able to see it myself...!)

Wishing you all a really, REALLY lovely weekend!


  1. Vilken underbar trädgårdssoffa! Så vackert med den sirliga metallen mot allt det andra ljuvliga!
    Gång på gång visar du din otroligt kreativa förmåga och ditt sinne för estetik! Åh, så vackert!
    Jag läser ifatt lite från dina tidigare inlägg och ser att du visar mera ljuvliga trädgårdsbilder! Oj, så vackra bilder och vilken vacker trädgård! Så inspirerande att få vistas i andras trädgårdar!
    Önskar dej fortsatt sköna sommardagar!
    Grattis till reportaget i den tyska tidningen!

  2. Bara älskar kudden och vimpeln och soffan och krukan. Än en gång sååå vackra bilder.
    Kul att du är med i en tysk tidning, med jag är inte förvånad alls.

    Kramar Nette

  3. En sån vacker bänk till den fantastiska muren, som gjorda för varandra. Tyget blev pricken över i:et!
    Ha en fin helg,

  4. Tänk att jag tänkte på dig och dina fina bänkar i går :) Jag har två likadana träbänkar, väldigt lika din träbänk, men tyvärr i skriande behov av ommålning. När jag satt där och skrapade bort lös färg tänkte jag på dina bänkar och på hur fint du alltid pyntar dem. En riktig skönhet din nya bänk och vackert pyntad den också.
    Kram Maria

  5. I like your home - it's fantastic! The pictures are great! The german-magazine- I must vuy it- german is my language!

  6. It look so nice again darling......nice to see you in that magazine.....strange that they not told you that ???? love love

  7. I had the same surprise as you last week...our house was also featured in a German magazine. Traum Wohnen & Geniefen...(I think that was the spelling) January/February edition and I knew nothing about it either..
    Julie x

  8. oh wow!!!

    wanna see the magazine - I love it!
    and I am absolutely in love with your warm full-of-love-styled house!!


  9. What it looks beautiful out, it all fits so nicely together ... that beautiful bowl with pears .... the pillow with the little flags that are the same so nice ..nice that your house is c in that magazine. ... fine weekend ... sweet greeting rosita

  10. Hi Helena
    I love your new bench! It looks fantastic. I used to hate those sewed flags but I have to confess the from you looks really different and very beautiful... so now, I changed my mind *LoL*. I'm a fabric hunter like you and it's really not easy to find such lovely vintage fabrics :o(.
    Yes, it was this issue of the magazine. How strange, that they didn't tell you about it in advance. However the article was great.
    Have a lovely day
    Alex... from Switzerland (by the way *smile*)

  11. I'm a first time visitor to your blog and your newest follower. Your blog is lovely and your photos are stunning!

    Vickie from across the pond in northern MN, USA.

  12. I love benches and this place looks wonderful! The fabric is beautiful!

    I know this magazine and saw it last days in a shop! Congrats!

    ♥ Stefanie

  13. Love the pictures of your garden benches. And a nice surprice to have your home in the German magazine Landhaus. I will be visiting Germany next week, I hope I still can buy one of these Landhause magazine.
    Have a nice weekend, Annemieke

  14. Dear Helena, What a lovely surprise to find your work featured in Landhaus and well deserved too. This latest set of bench photos is testament to your skills as both a great photographer and stylist, lovely textures and tones and its great to see the tray is being put to good use.

  15. Hejsan Helena!!

    Du är fantastiskt duktig på att få till det där extra i dina arrangemang och detta var inget undantag..såå mysigt där mot muren och jag älskar textilen du har i ditt flaggspel!!

    Hoppas att du har en härlig sommar med mycket mys ute i trädgården!!

    Varmkram ifrån Sanne

  16. Oh beautifull pictures.I like it.Love greetings from austria -edith.

  17. Preciosa decoración del jardín, el banco me encanta!!. Hermosas imágenes. Feliz fin de semana!!

  18. Nämen åh (säger jag också... haha...) så fint alltså. Där vill jag sitta och mysa.:-) Kram Stina

  19. Look Really nice - helt underbart fint! Ha det gott! Pernilla

  20. Holy Moses Helena!!!! Vilken bänk.... Trippelwow säger jag. En trädgårdsanglofils dröm. Passar helt underbart där mot din vackra mur. Den är som gjord för att stå där helt enkelt. Och så fina kudden och vimplarna till. Vintage möter vintage. Tjusigt. Smart och snyggt bord du fixat också. Så klart :-)))))

    Vilken överraskning med reportaget :-)) Grattis, grattis!!!!


  21. Tack Helena!

    Tack för din fina inlägg på min blogg, du anar inte vad glad jag blir för det. Verkligen mer än du anar.

    Som vanligt är du en stor inspirationskälla med din blogg och det är fantastiskt att komma n här och strosa runt i alla vackra bilder som du tar.

    Tack åter igen! / Henrick

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  23. oh helena!!!
    the article is wonderful - I am SO in LOVE with your boys room (I didn`t knew, that you have 2 little boys!) - and with your house in special - it`s gorgous!!!!

    greetings again!

  24. Hello Helena,

    ...I see you in the "Landhaus-Living". Congratulations ;o).
    Your home is very beautiful and all looks so gorgeous!!!! I like it!
    Greetings from Germany,

  25. Gratulerer Helena !! Din hage er absolutt en av de mest dekorative jeg har sett. Den har en ro og harmoni som jeg elsker. Og Jeg blir alltid så Inspirert av å kikke inn her. Bildene dine er magiske.

    Enjoy a beautiful summer blogfriend ~ Aina

  26. Thank you so much for the wonderful photoes you publish. It gives such a harmony in mind just looking at them.

    Wish you a lovely rest of the summer from Sicily! <3

  27. What a pretty spot! It seems so rustic, yet feminine...I love it. Congratulations on your magazine feature :)

  28. I know this sounds weird but I would love to sit on your benches in your garden and eat your grapes. Don't worry though after I would buy you a new package of grapes.


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