Thursday, 27 September 2012

Recycled autumn...

Dearest blog readers,
Most of you know by now that I am a big fan of recycling material when decorating...

I therefore hope you will allow me to also 'recycle' some old photos from two years ago... time is not on my side at the moment, but I still wanted to 
offer a little autumnal ambiance here on the blog...

Two years ago, there was a lot growing in the Swenglish garden and green house...

(Borlotti beans)

... some of which  (↑) I was more keen to devour with my lens than my palate...

Autumn walks in 'Conquers Land' made one Swenglish 'gatherer' very happy...

... and there was no stopping my desire to create little seasonal corners...

For now, I 'gather' ideas and try to be patient (not my strongest virtue...) 
until life offers the time and head space to create more corners and 
harvest the fruits of my create-hungry mind...

Thank you so much for visiting and a special thank you to Judita 
with the lovely blog Välkommen Hem! (=Welcome Home!), 
who gave me an award recently!

All the best,


  1. Vilka underbart, kreativa dekorationer du gör! Du har verkligen förmågan och det tjatar jag ju om jämt, men hela tiden slås jag ju av detta när jag tittar in här! Otroligt inspirerande!
    Du fick grårugget här hemma att glimma till lite idag!

  2. The wonderful harvest of walnuts and hazelnuts catches my eye (and palate). I hope you're able to enjoy such bounty again this autumn.

  3. You are right to recycle old photos, because they are so beautiful.
    As the autumn arrives, it's great to feel it through your photos, the autumnal ambiance is definetly there..

  4. Hallo Helena,
    herzlichen Dank für deine wunderschönen Herbstbilder.
    LG Christina
    I love your blog!!!!!!

  5. Darling friend, you are the owner of the blog, and you can do every thing you desire!! =)
    I'm always so happy to visit you and see the beauty you share!
    Hugs my darling

  6. Ciao, le tue foto sono pura poesia!
    Grazie per farcele ammirare!
    Buona serata

  7. ååå så inspirerande och otroligt vackert, jag njuter. Kram på dig/Ingela.

  8. Beautiful atumn pictures from

  9. Magical touches of Autumn.
    I love these photos.
    Enjoy a beautiful fall weekend

  10. You must have magical fingers, dear Helena! Du förtjänar utmärkelsen och fler därtill. Underbara fotografier - du borde skriva en trädgårdsbok eller två!

  11. Dear Helena,
    time runs - only three months left until Christmas... We are all in a rush and your picutres - if recycled or not - bring us a little island in all the hectic and chaos of our time. Enjoy your leisure time, take your time with the boys (children grow up so fast!!) and don´t feel forced to bring "new things" to your blog. We all love your posts, that´s true - but we all know that a working mum has a lot to do.

  12. Lovely pictures :)
    Atumn with all the colours are so beatiful!

    Wish you a happy weekend!
    Hugs from Ingvild :)

  13. Dina bilder är alltid underbara Helena!! Recyclade eller ej :-) Du har en förmåga att trolla fram så otroligt vackra, lugna, inspirerande och härliga skapelser i din ljuva Swengelska stil. Hösten är så fin med alla murriga färger, blommor, frukter, grönsaker och allt annat. Man blir alldeles förtrollad nästan bara av att omges av allt.

    Stor kram käraste du!!
    Ta hand om dig,
    (Nu ska vi upp till sjukan - ja du såg på FB)

  14. ...soo absolutely most adorable photographs !!!!!

  15. Wow, vilken rolig alternativ adventsljusstake du gjort. Hit kommer jag gärna tillbaka och hälsar på igen. Mycket fint och inspirerande.

    Kram från Helen


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