Monday, 4 March 2013

Sunday... oh, what a SUN DAY... hooray!

 My long lost friend and soul-nurturing confidant made a surprise visit yesterday...

... bringing hope and smiles to people and petals...

... inspiring us to go for a walk, having bribed younger family members with 
a promise of ice cream at our destination, Castle Combe...

... stopping, as always, for a good - albeit for my taste somewhat too competitive - game of Pooh 
sticks on a small stone bridge (with a view of this enviable house in a hamlet on the way)...

... taking the opportunity to admire some of the beautiful farm houses in the valley, 
before they are soon hidden in vigorous verdure...

Yes, the sun was indeed a welcome guest, warming our chilled, hibernating souls. Even if the thermometer did not venture into double digits, it was still warm enough for yours truly to enjoy a fizzy elderflower drink outside (!) when we arrived in Castle Combe. I have shown photos from this beautiful village many times before, but I am afraid that should you decide to pop in to the Swenglish Home again some time in the next few days, you may have to suffer a few more...!

To see all the photos in this post better (and not strangely cropped), please click on them. You may then also be able to better view for example the lovely Victorian post box in the old stone wall in the first photo. And perhaps even the snowdrops growing on top of mentioned wall...

Wishing you all a fabulous start to the new week 
and thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post. 
Shocking to see how many of you suffer from the same 
type of naughty car behaviour ... 



  1. Dear Helena,
    what a marvellous walk with beautiful impressions!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Have a sunny week! - Siret

  2. Å vad jag längtar till england när jag läser din blogg! Här är det fortfarande massor av snö, men lite sol har vi också fått.

  3. I enjoyed the sun yesterday also and spent some hours on the beach :) And for doing good on so much walking I got a nice cup of hot chocolate :)) Have put some pictures of the beautiful blue (really blue) sky on my blog.

  4. oh helena!

    it`s stunning - I am SO IN LOVE with those beautiful homes, the forrest, YOUR pictures! wanna visit you!! :)


  5. Det låter som om ni hade en underbar söndag av bilderna att döma! Så skönt vårliga (med mina mått mätt - här är mängder med snö fortfarande)!!!
    Bilderna är som hämtade ur en saga - eller kanske en film. Jag kommer osökt att tänka på fimlen "Den franske löjtnantens kvinna", som jag sett hur många gånger som helst för bildernas skull...!:)
    Ha en en härlig start på veckan du också!

  6. Som balsam för själen!
    Har absolut inget emot flera Castle Combebilder ;-)

    Varm Kram från Johanna i kalla snöiga Sverige

  7. Hasn't it been gorgeous having some sunshine! Castle Combe looks very beautiful.....

    Have a lovely week.


  8. This is an enchanted place!
    Enjoy a sweet week

  9. What a magical place to walk. That farmhouse tucked into the valley is so charming. Sunshine makes everyone happier, I think. We had sun yesterday, too, of the chilly sort, but the brightness entered our souls!

  10. Nous avons eu le même temps à Lille? en France, aujourd'hui. Du soleil !

  11. Yeah !! spring is just around the

  12. Beautiful village on your pictures. Love the sun. It's warming the soul and mind.
    Have a nice week!
    wishes Minna

  13. Åååh, vad jag längtar till England när jag ser dina bilder! Ni ligger ju lite före och det blommar ju hos er redan! Underbart!
    Många kramar! Judita

  14. Hej!
    Dina bilder är så underbara och så skickligt tagna.
    Det är som om man vill "flytta-in-i-dom"! Hoppas Du förstår vad jag menar.
    Jag lånad två för ett tag sedan till min blogg, jag har frågat dej förut. Jag angav källa och namn.
    KRAM Christina

  15. Hi Helena,

    I just found your blog and fell in Love!!!
    Just wonderful pictures...can't wait to read through your
    older posts :-)
    Have a lovely week!

  16. Love, love, love those farmhouses. Any up for rent?? :)

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  19. I found your lovely blog through a tumblr post and I am so glad that I followed it over to you! From your words, to your beautiful pictures I have had a fabulous visit this morning, and then this post sealed the deal... the youngest of my 5 children and I still play Pooh sticks on the bridge near our home, just like his older siblings did! I will be back for more inspiration! t.xoxo


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